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Slowing Down On Hills And Rough Surfaces

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This is sort of like looking for a needle in a haystack, but hey, I'm bored at work and I know you're all bored at work too so I figured I'd ask. :P


For at least several months now, Neyla has been slow on walks when we're going uphill or when the surface she's walking on gets rough. I suspected at one point that she had a corn - there was some back and forth about it, with the final note from my vet being that she probably had one coming in, but the steps I was taking were causing it to stay back. But there is no longer anything visible on that paw pad (or any others, and I've stopped treating her in any way) and she still slows down in these situations.


Having said that, I'm a big hiker and Neyla has been able to hang on long hikes with me without an issue. We generally do 10 miles every Saturday or Sunday. Our longest hike this season was 23 miles in 2 1/2 days. She is generally keeping up (or pulling ahead) with no problem, although there were times during our 23 miles when she dragged (there were also a lot of other potential factors there). She also runs around my house like a maniac when I get home or in the dog park, has no issues getting on and off furniture, etc.


In other words, there appears to be nothing wrong with her, with the exception of these walks. Neyla is also a "reformed" spook but she still has her hangups so sometimes it's hard to tell if she's hesitating b/c she's scared or for another reason, but based on the regularity of when this happens, I don't think that's it.


So having said all of that, does anyone know of anything that would cause sensitivity only in these situations (walking up hills or on rough surfaces)? She's 8 now, could she be developing something that comes with old age? She's on a daily joint supplement already, has been for years now due to a previous injury in her rear leg.


I considered an appt with my vet or the really good orthopedist we have in this area, but with such vague symptoms, I don't think it will be worthwhile. I feel like we sort of have to wait for something more obvious to turn up before we investigate. At the very least, her annual checkup will be in July or August and I can share my concerns with the vet at that time.


Thanks for reading my LONG post. I know I sound like a crazy person complaining that my dog who can hike 10 miles a day has an orthopedic problem, but I figured I'd just throw this out there in case there is something going on and it rings a bell with someone more experienced. I know the medical issues we encounter regularly with fosters, but I am new to the senior dog so if this is something that might turn up with age, I'm clueless.





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Hips? When Turbo had the 'psoas strain, he had particular hip exercises to do. Stretch her out really well before you walk and see if it makes a difference. Doesn't explain lameness on rough terrain, but certain lamenesses may come up on different surfaces.

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