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Okie's Kidney Values

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Okie's been holding steady at about 50 and 4 for the past few months, but the blood work she had before she left for Abilene with DH and Marbles just came back at 76 and 7. She's going in tonight for IV fluids plus a blood pressure check, a PCV, a spot creatinine, and a urinalysis. Our vet (tons of greyhound experience) thinks she may need to start an ace inhibitor and probably a phosphate binder and potassium supplements, and home subq fluids as well.


Crazy little thing seems so healthy; I guess we've known from the beginning that eventually she'd start sliding down this slippery slope, but it's sure hard to get through our heads that she's a sick little girl.


Good thoughts/prayers for Ms. Kechi, please. :unsure


**& Angels Emily, Beatrice, Okie, Rhemus ,Vixen, and Rose-always in my heart**

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Guest Tigonie

Wow, poor pupper. Emma has kidney issues, too, although her problem is under control for now. If your dog likes bananas, that might be a more palatable way to get some potassium than a pill, since most pets hate pills. Bananas are also great for "hiding" any other medications she may need to take.


One thing our specialist recommended was MSM, which is an over-the-counter vitamin suppliment for humans which apparently works differently in dogs and helps kidney problems. The actual dose for dogs is 9000 MG a day, but Emma can only tolerate 3000 MG before she gets diarrhea. I give her one 1500 MG pill, twice a day.


We are also treating her using Enalapril, which is a human prescription drug and is available under the $4 prescription plan. Emma is on a kidney diet, Purina NF, which is low protein and low phosphorus.


I'm not saying that what we are doing for our dog is right for your dog, but I'm passing along this information in the hope it may be helpful. Our regular vet had never heard of MSM for kidney issues; it was the specialist who brought it up. I understand from others that the Enalapril and kidney diet food are fairly common treatments. From what I know about it, kidney problems in dogs are not well understood.


Let's hope you can get those kidney values back under control!! How old is she? Have they done an ultrasound to determine the extent of the kidney damage? :grouphug to you and your pup!

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Sending many prayers. We went down this road with Angel Queenie...I must say however...for 6 months she tolerated the fluids VERY well! We did decide to use a smaller needle as it was not painful that way...and I snatched an IV pressure bag from the hospital and it only took 5-7 minutes and we got cookies after and she did very well with the whole procedure. :grouphug


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I know acupuncture and fluids help. Marilyn's Sport has been going for 2 years. She gives him fluids sub q (something you can do) every day. He is also on chinese herbs. I'll look for a vet for you and email you.


Did you do a full TBD panel on her? (not just erlichia canis)

Diane & The Senior Gang

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Sending prayers for your lovely soft sweet girlie.

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Okie update:


My girl got subq fluids @ the vet last night, and she's spending the day there today for a round of iv fluids. Her blood pressure was high and her creatinine was higher than last week. Dr. Rosen started her on Benazapril for her bp and kidneys.


Apparently, there was some kind of error @ the lab that did her blood work last week; the results didn't get to him until day before yesterday. He feels she should have been treated last week for this and is pretty upset about it. :(


She seems perfectly fine, so that's a good thing. They love her @ the vet's office & I know they'll take good care of her.


**& Angels Emily, Beatrice, Okie, Rhemus ,Vixen, and Rose-always in my heart**

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