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Getting Ready

Guest kajhensley

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Guest Brandy_b

Welcome and congrats!!! If you live somewhere cold, coats and jammies are a must, lol. And tons of collars, bling and leashes too.


<3 Brandy & Caliloka

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Guest MotherofBaby

www.petedge.com has lots of cheap stuffies. My pups love them. Some folks have said too cheap and their pups destroyed them. Its a good place to start. Have a bed-or a few of them. Lots of folks on greytalk have greyt merchandise. Buy lots of collars (martingale) and if you need them, coats! after you get the pup, take her/him to the pet store and see what they are most interested in. If you dont have one, get a crate. If you want to borrow one first but Baby really needed one and I took 5 days to get it after I already had her. One of my biggest goofs. They feel safe in their "den".

Ooooo get a camera. we require losts of photos!!!!! ;-)

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Guest Wpgkeith

Congrats on finding out that this is the breed for you!


Be prepared to buy several stuffies depending on how your dog reacts to them... Riley destroys squeekers within just a few minutes of getting a new toy. The BEST toy we were given. It was a "Big Mean Kitty" by Fat Cat CO. He was given this in his first week with us - and he still has it and plays with it regularly. That was four months ago.


Another thing to think about, is to try to find other GH owners in your area. We have found that other folks with hounds are an excellent source of support and information.


Have fun and good luck!


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Guest scottydog

A good winter coat is a must if you're living in a cold area. There are lots of great coat makers here on GT.


I also love our Kong Zoom Groom brush, jammies are great, and lots of pretty collars!

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Guest lovegreythounds

A kong is a nice thing to have - when I am going to be gone for more than an hour or so I put one in Sammi's crate with her, that is her signal that I'll be gone awhile. Since she bolts her food and I have to keep her away from the littles while they eat, I also fill it with kibble/treats adn give it to her to play with while she waits for them to finish. Sammi is still eyeballing her stuffies, she prefers to steal one of my daughter's stuffed animals off of her bed :lol

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Guest mountain4greys

Lots of stuffies with squeakers! Our newest dogs kills them, but our first 2 dogs took care of them, so we still have a couple hundred. Extra dogs beds are good, so you don't have to keep moving them around. A coat just in case you need it. Couch space is really nice. We just bought a new couch that's longer, and a loveseat last year. Lots of stuff on GT and on ebay. Good Luck with your new one! :confetti:confetti

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the favourite toys around here are migrators, or anything that honks and grunts. keep in mind that it might take a little while for your new hound to play, though :)

each of mine also have their own blankets that i put over them on cold winter nights. phoenix in particular is very attached to his blanket.

Xavi the galgo and Peter the cat. Missing Iker the galgo ?-Feb.9/19, Treasure (USS Treasure) April 12/01-May 6/13, Phoenix (Hallo Top Son) Dec.14/99-June 4/11 and Loca (Reko Swahili) Oct.9/95 - June 1/09, Allen the boss cat, died late November, 2021, age 19.

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Guest lvmydogz

Congratulations on your new baby & Welcome to GT!!! :wave You'll LOVE it here!!


You've gotten a lot of good advice already, but as far as chewies, all of mine love those small compressed rawhide bones, I've found the best prices at Target for them, then there are a lot of people who won't give their pups rawhide at all. Some people like those "bully sticks" which "BooMooandDoo" sells on her website.


Along the lines of bedding, all of my pups (both Greyhounds & lab mixes) all love having a regular old bed pillow to lay their heads on. I have one thrown on all of the dog beds throughout the house just for that purpose, the cheap ones work just fine, and if they get dirty you can just throw the pillow case in to wash! :colgate


I would start out with just a basic nylon martingale collar with a good sturdy leash & then you always buy some "pretties" later on. But to get you started all you need is a basic one. Also, if you can borrow a crate from a friend or even rent one from your adoption group, it will defiantely come in handy while acclimating your new baby to his home. :)


I've found with toys, my Greyhounds love any & all kinds of toy. The softer the better, it doesn't matter it it's small or big, they love the ones that have longs legs or arms to grab and toss around! :gh_bow



Michelle in N.Fl.

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Guest Heart_Hound

I vote for the "pretty" collars.. :lol


O, Wait.. Was that a shameless plug? :blush


:welcome2 and :confetti CONGRATS :confetti on your new baby!

Edited by Heart_Hound
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Guest IGdevotion

Welcome and Congratulatons on your new furkid. Gotta haves: fashionable collars and leashes, everyday collars and leashes, clothes, beds for every room, lots of toys, camera. You'll probably want more time than you have to spend with your new best buddy. Anxious for the photo of your grey.

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Guest Che_mar_Cody

Welcome again,


Cody's fav toys also are the grunters. - He's a stuffy killer too! I actually purchased a real duck grunter from a hunting store, go to thrift stores and buy bags of stuffies. Simply wrap the batting around the grunter, put a plastic bag over it and tape it so only the noise maker is showing.


Perform surgery on you stuffie, and stuff the grunter in like stuffing a turkey.

With your best surgeons knot, fix the stuffie.

Your good to go - this has saved me $100's of dollars on stuffies that grunt.

Might want to buy your first one or two to see how they work after the killing.

It only take Cody about 5 bites to kill one.

We also have coats - light weight/rain & winter, kongs are excellent

fill with frozen peanut butter for long lasting entertainment by your hound.

rawhide and cookies, two leashes to start. I always have one in the car and in the house.

We've also placed one right as you open the gate - A good reminder to close the gate, and put him on a leash when leaving the area.

I think if your like most of us, it looks like a toddler living in the house

I also clicker trained Cody - works great if you thinking of training classes in the future.


Best of luck and we want to see those pictures

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