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For some reason, her picture isn't up below my name yet, but we had to put our one and only grey, Millie, to sleep on August 19th, just 10 days before her 15th birthday. We had been given her by her owner-breeder, who used to throw her over her shoulder and carry her around. Although Mil's dad earned $275,000 in racing, she bumped on the track and only ran 3 races. Our German Shepherd mix was found dead in the backyard one morning, and our then-little boy wanted a new dog right away. I wanted to wait, but the breeder who had a day job with my hubby offered us Mil (RM's Hope) only 3 1/2 weeks after Daisy Mae's death. I remember Millie running out of the mobile home and around the track, and Steven fell in love. I was a bit resentful because it was so early still, but it didn't take me long to fall in love with her either.

I didn't realize that greys really were hounds, and the first night she was home, she howled and howled because we had barricaded her into the family room with the tile floor. (We didn't know whether she was housebroken yet.) Finally, I decided to go lie on the couch with her, and soon, I felt this big 'ol dog move right next to me and put her big 'ol arm right around me, and that was that.

As I'm chronically ill and homebound most of the time, Millie was a great comfort to me, and her loss has been extremely difficult. I've buried six dogs and six cats in my life, and the loss of a furbaby never gets easier.

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So sorry about Millie's passing. She sounds like she was your "heart" dog and helped make your and your family's life complete. What a wonderful story, and a wonderful hound.

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