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  1. What a well written thread, nicely done everyone! It's really great to see a thread on greytalk de-bunking all the myths that are floating around about raw feeding, and also great to see so many people recommending the modified prey model diet (also known as 80-10-10). I've been feeding my pets raw for 18 years, and in that time I tried many different versions of raw, the modified prey model is by far the easiest and also seems to be best for my pets.

  2. Our bridge boy Cody ate about 2 lb. of cooked soup bones once, about 7 years ago - I was a new greyhound mom and freaked out, came on GT and was advised to give bread, watch for symptoms, and wait, just like you've been advised. He enjoyed the bread, slept happily through the night while I stayed up and watched him, very nervous. The only sign I ever saw was some chalky white poop the next day! Hope you get the same result.

  3. Romi had his toe off last year due to cancer, and did not need any chemo or radiation afterwards. Hopefully Mercedes has the same type - it does not often metastasize, and if it does it goes to another toe, so there are worse things!


    Romi was better right away after the surgery, and I would never hesitate to do the same to any greyhound having toe troubles - they do very well afterwards. Just make sure they take the whole toe, and don't leave a flap or a joint, the whole thing needs to come off for a problem free recovery.


    Scritches to your girlie.

  4. Capstar might be a safer chemical method, it works just for the first 24 hours so it will kill any fleas on your dog, and then be out of her system.


    For non-chemical methods, we've had success at Camp Greyhound using DE topically on the dogs. Apply carefully, you don't need a ton, and it will dry the coat out a bit. It takes time to work, but it does work. Then vacuum, vacuum, vacuum - 95% of fleas are gotten rid of in the vacuum. Needless to say, frequent bag changes are required, or if you have a deep freeze, pop the bag in a garbage bag and into the freezer overnight.

  5. I'll never forget that time you guys were here and you told me that just closing the door may not be enough if there's a small animal inside lol.


    Last year we lost so many dogs that had a place in my heart. Loca was one of them. I'm sure she's at the bridge with all our angels, getting into all sorts of trouble there, and teaching some new tricks to all the bridgekids.



  6. Batmom's steps have saved my butt countless times, starting with Lou when he dislocated his hip, and to this day Romi is using them to get in and out of the van. They've been going for about 4 years and are still in pretty good shape! I can't say enough good things about them. I did recently end up trimming their width a bit, so they would not take up quite so much room in the vehicle. Thank you so much, Jey!

  7. My boy Romi had his toe off a few years back, he did have squamous cell carcinoma but there's been no more problems. He walks very well without the toe, and in fact as soon as it was off he improved. He was back to himself within a week or two. Hope it's the same situation with your girlie Misty!

  8. I usually treat all skin tears at home, thanks to a vet who showed me how to care for wounds, and also thanks to colloidal silver. We've not had to use antibiotics in years, we just flush initially with silver, and tack with surgical glue in one or two spots if needed, and then spray with silver 4-5 times a day until it's well on it's way to healed. The tears heal up amazingly well. I used a similar protocol when my daughter cut the top of her thumb off, the antibiotics they gave her made her sick, so she used silver and Traumeel, along with a few other homeopathic remedies. Healed up beautifully!

  9. North of Toronto, Ontario - Canada


    The South Simcoe Greyhound Group (SSGG), active since 2006. We meet at diamonds in between Bradford and Barrie Ontario, 5-10 minutes off the 400.


    This group is for people owned by retired racing greyhounds. We like to get together weekends to have fun runs and social time. Our usual baseball diamond is at Highway 89 and Highway 11, just north of Bradford, Ontario. We use others in Alcona and sometimes Queensville. Muzzles are mandatory.


    Timing, location and and number of runs is decided by a weekly poll, and we use Yahoo Groups to communicate.


    To join our group go here and apply:

    South Simcoe Greys

  10. I've lost 2 of my hounds, the first was Cody back in April of 2004. He was only 6 and it was quite a shock, he went down in the backyard and bled to death in my arms. The support I received here at GT got me through that horrible time, and spending time with the other hounds, along with the passage of time was what helped me.


    We recently lost Lou back in October, he was almost 12 and very ill when he passed, but it was still really hard. I still miss him and the pain is rather fresh at this point, but I know now that spending time with other greyhound lovers, along with my other hounds, will help soften the pain and time will do the rest.


    I hope in time that you're able to soften the pain so that you just remember your pupper with love, and not loss.

  11. Our beloved boy and senior Camp Greyhound counsellor Cantankerous Lou has gone to the bridge after a short but valiant struggle with cancer. He was 1 day shy of his 12th birthday.


    He left with spirit, courage, dignity and heart and he leaves behind a broken-hearted family.


    This sad event would have been much worse were it not for the support given to us by our dear friends and by Anna Borenstein of http://www.homeopathyforall.com/ and the staff of Barrie Animal Hospital . We are very grateful to have these people in our lives.


    Hug your hounds and hold them close, they're only here for a little while.




    Karen, Michelle, Bailey, Romi, Andy, Connie and Millie.



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