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  1. I might use dilute HP but sterile saline with a tiny bit of iodine or betadyne would do too, for that kind of injury. Then rinse well with saline, and spray with colliodal silver. Everything else the same as you did, don't feel too bad - you've kept it clean and Roscoe should recover just fine.

  2. I've never heard of the place they got the supplements from. They may have not been the greatest - that's quite common when the allopathics study the non-allopathic stuff. There was a study on vitamin A and Beta-carotene years ago by the WHO that came to the conclusion that adding B-C to the diet of smokers actually increased their chances of lung cancer. In actuality, the study was giving a Jamison's multivitamin with synthetic vitamin E in it, this was the source of the B-C. In my view, I'd throw that study out - Jamison's is not well regarded, and there have been a multitude of problems associated with synthetic vitamins. But still, this study is quoted all the time.

  3. It's so hard when they go so unexpectedly and suddenly - I lost my first greyhound Cody very quickly and unexpectedly too, and it was a week before I could function at all. Our deepest sympathies to you, I hope you're both able to get the information you need for closure.


    Run free at the bridge, Bodhi, you sweet boy.

  4. We haven't had that particular problem, when anyone's toe dislocates here it pops back in and stays there, so we're lucky. However, Romi had a toe off for another reason (squamous cell carcinoma) and was pretty much himself again in a week. I would not hesitate to to it again rather than go through weeks of discomfort for whatever reason. This was his innermost toe on a rear foot, but I think most people have had similar results, if you do a search on toe amputation.

  5. It's up to you of course, but you sure are going to a lot of effort to do something about this, and giving a lot of drugs, and it's not working. Romi's trouble were literally over after we amputated his offending toe (thought it was osteomylitis, turned out to be a carcinoma), he was literally skipping around in less than a week. It was so good to have my happy boy back! And he was very happy not to have to take any more meds or have any more appointments.

  6. Judy, I am so very sorry that Jack has passed. Sending warm hugs to you to help you through yet another terrible loss.


    Run free sweet boy, I'm sure you have no end of beautiful yellow ducks to play with at the bridge, and you'll have your Renie with you too.

  7. Jey, Sadie's off all the pain meds now,she had a poor reaction to the opiates (fetanyl and tramadol) and became very restless on them, so they switched her to Gaba something-or-other lol, she's been off that for at least a week. She's has had no deramax for a few days. She's on amoxil but will be off that starting tomorrow too.


    No changes in her diet or treats, she's raw fed and they've continued with that.


    Dee has been measuring her drinking water for several days now, and I think she noted timing, but I'd have to check that.


    I will pass on the pepcid tip in case Deb isn't back on tonight.

  8. I'll butt in to answer for Deb and Sadie that yes, the thirst and incontinence are the only symptoms she has, all her blood tests so far have been normal, except her urinalysis was postive for a moderate amount of blood, she had a trace of protein in her urine, and her specific gravity was a little high but still normal. Her blood values have all been normal, and this problem started during her second week post amp. Deb has asked for a consult from OSU as well; we are hoping for a little more creative opinion, no one here thinks Cushings really fits that well.

  9. I am so very sorry to see Embers name here. I've read all of your posts Tom, and you and Ember have truly been inspirational. You have my deepest sympathies on her loss.


    If love could have saved her, she'd be here yet.


    Run free sweet girlie, with all of our bridge angels.

  10. Pupdate Tuesday 9pm

    Sadie did get a little sleep last night, as did Dee and Tim, so the new drug is helping, although it was by no means a full 8 hrs. I think any improvement is a good thing right now. We did have some good news tonight, Sadie finally pooped, after 5 days! I'm sure the neighbors must have wondered what all the cheering on the deck was about lol.


    Sadie looks better to me, less confused and definitely less anxiety, although she's still all over the place. I'm going to try to get a video of her tomorrow - I don't think we need to worry that she won't be able to do stairs once she's healed, she's really adapting well to the change so far.


    Thanks again for all the good thoughts!

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