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  1. My boy did the exact same. I would come home to step in puddles of drool where he stood by the door panting. I followed Patricia McDonnell's book to the letter and we made significant progress. I can leave him comfortably now, I dont think he is particularly happy about it but certainly not the stress or anxiety he once felt. One of the hardest things for me was thinking I wasnt getting anywhere and it was never going to work...but it did. It was a LOT of repetitions of leaving him with a kong toy for short increments to get him there. So it can be done! I think it took about a month to the point where I was ok with leaving him. The training is not linear either, you may take ages to go from 1 minute to 2 minutes but 10mins to 30 mins could be an easy step. I got a cheap petcam off amazon for £15, I can log on to the app on my phone and check on him. Most of the time he is sleeping on the sofa of course! Good luck
  2. Thanks for comments, I have blackout blinds and the sun rise isnt until 7am here unfortunately so not that! We live in a quiet area but the heating does kick on around his wake up time...I'll change that tonight, good point!
  3. Thanks so much for the help. I left him half an hour which he spent the first 20 happily playing with his kong. He abandoned it at 20 mins and seemed a little agitated but as bad as he was by any means. He started to lay down right as I got back so he might have fully settled. I'll keep doing sessions around 20 to 30 mins time and I'm sure he'll get comfortable and we can keep increasing. Thanks again !
  4. Hey, thanks I have read it through several times now. That's what I based my training above on
  5. Hello, as the title said I am curious on how long alone training took before you and your grey were comfortable with them being left alone. I was also wondering if even without training it would naturally get better as they simply get accustomed to it and you returning every time. For some background I have recently adopted a lovely ex racer. He suffers from SA despite trying to begin alone training immediately three weeks ago. He becomes very stressed, although thankfully not destructive and whines and barks loudly. I have gone right back to the beginning using Patricia o'Connells great book and working on it slowly. Confident he will come around with hard work and patience so the questions were really just to satisfy my own understanding. Thanks, this forums has been a great resource
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