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  1. Thanks so much for the help. I left him half an hour which he spent the first 20 happily playing with his kong. He abandoned it at 20 mins and seemed a little agitated but as bad as he was by any means. He started to lay down right as I got back so he might have fully settled. I'll keep doing sessions around 20 to 30 mins time and I'm sure he'll get comfortable and we can keep increasing. Thanks again !
  2. Hey, thanks I have read it through several times now. That's what I based my training above on
  3. Hello, as the title said I am curious on how long alone training took before you and your grey were comfortable with them being left alone. I was also wondering if even without training it would naturally get better as they simply get accustomed to it and you returning every time. For some background I have recently adopted a lovely ex racer. He suffers from SA despite trying to begin alone training immediately three weeks ago. He becomes very stressed, although thankfully not destructive and whines and barks loudly. I have gone right back to the beginning using Patricia o'Connells great
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