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  1. hi everyone, I am making good progress with my boy in other areas but one thing I can't seem to get him to adjust to is not waking up so early. We used to get up around 6.30 to 7 which was perfect but since the clocks went back and he had a bit of disruption from hurting his leg (now absolutely fine) and moving (several months ago) I cant get him back on a similar schedule. He will begin stirring at 5am then by 5.30 he will come over to the bed and wake me up after running round the house for a bit. I try to ignore him but eventually he will get frustrated and start barking loudly which
  2. Definitely smelly cheese and ham. It become quite obvious based on my boy's reaction what he valued the most
  3. As a new owner I can sympathise with your situation. Having your dog growl at you or someone for the first time is scary, especially if they haven't exhibited any such signs prior. However, as you say, they are just attempting to communicate with you - it's not overt aggression and is very common. Educating myself and learning to respect my dogs boundries was key, as was reading up on resource guarding. I put myself in my dogs siutation, I wouldn't be too pleased if he suddenly came up on my bed and jumped on me. So that's it really, I accepted that he didn't like it and respected
  4. Apologies for another SA post and thanks for the help so far. I'm a still lost and confused (again). We have made some good progress after weeks of working hard with the alone training. My boy will now happily let me leave and settle down with his kong. He will even follow me to the door and race back to his kong when he realises whats happening. After 4/5 minutes with his kong he will go up to the window and stare out for awhile then he'll retreat to the sofa and sit looking out the window with his ears alert. I am a bit confused if this is still anxiety or something else (s
  5. Thank you for the help. You are definitely right he is nervous and the cold is probably a seperate issue. I'm pretty sure its when he got spooked by a firework on a walk the other day. We will work on that! Thanks
  6. So we have had a turn in the weather here in the UK and temperatures first thing in the morning when we usually walk are down to 1 degree. My grey will go out but has began freezing early on the walk and refusing to move. I can only put this down to him being too cold, he has a warm coat of course but still seems to be shivering. I obviously don't want to force him to go out walking when it's too cold. I'm more worried about getting him the right amount of exercise. Any tips on what to do with exercise during the cold months? I'm guessing 2x 10 minute walks isnt going to be enough. We ar
  7. Thank you for the pointers they are have proved very helpful. You have been right - he reacts very differently when I actually leave him (and now he can see me leave with the blinds open), he won't go and listen by the living room door now but sit on the sofa listening very alert or watch out the window for awhile. Time to get to work to get him to fully relax!
  8. I know there are a lot of topics on SA and alone training (believe me I have read most of them!) but I am not currently sure what I'm doing is helping and wanted to check if I need to amend anything or just keep going. For context my boy has come a long way in the last two months, at the worst he would bark, whine and pant so much he'd leave puddles of drool while alone. I put this improvement down to him settling into a house opposed to the flat we moved from 3 weeks ago rather than my alone training (it literally approved the day we moved and he really didnt like that flat!). I haven'
  9. Thank you so much for the replies, they have been very useful. We have since moved to a house where he is much more comfortable. I have done a lot of alone training and there is more to do but am comfortable enough leaving him for longer periods if 100% neccessary. However, I suspect this is because he hasn't realised I have fully left him as I shut him in the living room (with access to large conservatory) so he doesnt see me actually leave out the front door. He was a lot better in my previous flat before the one day he saw me head out the front door and went from SA to full blown bad
  10. I am working through early wake ups with a bit of barking too. A few things that have helped so far; Brisk 10/15 min walk and wee/poo very last thing at night before Blacked out room completely Sending back to their bed until the alarm goes late Good luck, a difficult (and tiring!) issue
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