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  1. Hi cleptogrey, actually i am not going ahead with the dentistry and pushing it back. Her kidney numbers are crazy and the gastric wall issue is of BIG concern. My vet is not a "greyhound" vet per say, so i feel like i'm at a disadvantage.
  2. ... Additional Question and my current thinking is heal the gastric wall ?!!! Has anyone seen a 'thick gastric wall' and what did you do?
  3. Hi everyone and Thank you all for the great input! As mentioned, Apple went in for her 100 point check up , This included xrays, utltrasound, blood work, urinalysis (cath), T4 thyroid. The vet said late stage 3 or early 4 kidney disease. So the dental work is pushed back. Obviously we are quite emotional here but need to work through this. I've read that high kidney numbers can possibly be from other issues and if this is the case would like some advice on some of the issues they found on her ultrasound. Quote : " 1. increase density in cranial abdomen, 2. prominent spleen,
  4. Hi all, my girl [Apple] is about to turn 12 (in December) and she is going in for xrays and ultra sound tomorrow. She has the 'high numbers' for kidney problems. On her last check up, few weeks ago we noticed the 2 molars ( i think M1) are chipped. One is showing the root and the other is not so bad. My question is, can this teeth work be done at this age? I have always been worried about Greyhound surgery complications ! Also, if her kidneys are really bad, is it proper to put her through a surgery? Apple's diet is Forza10 Renal food, but eats very little of it, and also h
  5. Hi Spock! my boy Mack would pace around and want to go in and out of the house all night when he was uncomfortable, and i assume in pain. He passed 3 weeks ago and however turned 13 back in July. His main issue was a 75-80% clogged aortic valve. This problem prevented good blood flow and his back legs, which were weak. He still trotted around, and up until the day before he passed, we were walking in the bushy trails. [sorry I just got sad there ] Check Spock's feet for temperature. Are any colder than the other. Don't panic right away if one is colder as my girl sometimes gets a c
  6. Hi Clover! I had this similar issue of a hard surface limp on a front paw with Jack (approx 8 or 9 at the time). I successfully removed it with pressed and sliced garlic. Patience is required by both of you as it is not an over night cure ..however i'm sure you are patient by now,especially at the young age of 8 ! :) But before we begin, do you see any differences when you look at each pad? You should see something circular, which could be a corn. Basically we press garlic and got the mush AND juices onto the pad. In the beginning i used those corn foam pads (for humans) and
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