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  1. I'm pretty embarrassed about this late response, but thank you so much for your detailed reply. Her vet thinks it's most likely corns, although I'm not sure if he examined her spine since we are not present for the visit due to covid. He's not terribly impressed with her symptoms and did not recommend imaging. At any rate, the limp waxes and wanes week by week, and does not seem to be interfering with her daily activities. We've continued to give her supplements although we know it's more of a placebo for the humans. Thank you again for all your advice.
  2. Hi all, Hope you're staying safe. I found a small 4-5mm black lump surrounding by flat, red skin on the right "armpit"/inner front leg of my 9 year old girl, Clover the other day. No idea where it came from. It does not seem to be painful, but looks like it had been bleeding on and off as there was dried crusted blood on her belly. I called her vet office who does not have any appointments with the greyhound-savvy vet for another week and a half. The dread and anticipation is killing me - does this look like it could be dermal hemangiosarcoma? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all, was wondering if anyone has any similar experiences and insight on what my 8 year old girl Clover's problem could be. About 3 years ago she developed a corn on her back left leg. She has the classic limping on hard surfaces that improves on soft surfaces. We had it hulled a few times but it always came back faster and more painful so we ended up getting her a Therapaw which worked great. She now only uses the Therapaw on and off whenever we plan on a longer walk (40+ minutes) or when she seems to be limping more than usual. In the last year or so, in addition to the mild li
  4. The vet called today and said her fecal was negative, but they did not tell me what they tested for. What should be checked in a fecal exam? I'm guessing worms and giardia? I'll call back tomorrow and ask what they looked for to double check. I'm not sure the testing was done in house or if it was a send-out.
  5. We have the Vetriscience brand probiotic. Not sure if it did much for her even when she didn't have diarrhea but she's getting it once a day regardless. We found the old bag of Olewo carrots from years ago from her first bout of colitis/gastroenteritis/hookworm and have been using that which has firmed up her poop to toothpaste texture, but still nowhere near the solid, small poops she had before this current illness. I suspect the underlying diarrhea is still there, but the carrots are just doing their job of bulking and firming it up. We're 6 days into the metronidazole now on grou
  6. No pain according the vet on Wednesday, and seemingly no severe discomfort we can notice at home. Fecal was negative according to the vet when they notified us with the results today. We're 6 days into the metronidazole now and she still has large toothpaste textured stools with Olewo carrots added to her rice and ground beef diet. She refused to eat any rice without the ground beef so we caved and have been giving her about a half cup of cooked ground beef with the rice. She's behaving otherwise perfectly normally, which makes me extra paranoid that she has developed some sort of
  7. Hi again, I couldn’t figure out how to edit my original post but wanted to give an update. Wednesday - horrible liquid stools in the morning. Fed her a mix of rice and Tylees. Began giving her a 500mg metronidazole pill I had leftover from prior bouts of gastroenteritis. Took her back to the vet in the afternoon who confirmed her behavior was fine, and prescribed a course of 250mg metronidazole twice a day. She does not have another poop for the rest of the day and eats her bland rice and cooked ground beef dinner normally. Thursday - things are looking up. She has small dry
  8. True, I’m starting to wonder if she picked something up while at the vet from another sick dog. We always wipe her paws and butt whenever she comes back inside from being outside/pooping. I guess we should start wiping her face/nose too. I’ll do anything to try to prevent her from getting sick again. That first year of constant chronic blood tinged diarrhea was so miserable for everyone.
  9. Hi all, I’ve had my almost 8 year girl for 3 years now, and she had been doing exceptionally well for the last 2 years after the initial one year battle with chronic persistent hookworm, chicken allergy/intolerance, and gastroenteritis. For the last two years, we had her eating beef Tylee’s with weekly yak stick treats, special meals of fully cooked ground beef one weekend a month, and religiously fed her Interceptor Plus for heart worm and hookworm prevention each month. She was happy and healthy until this past weekend. The only things I can think of that happened was: O
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