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  1. We just went through that with Jasper and he spent 4 days in the hospital. They had us feed chicken with mashed potatoes and Boiled hamburg with the fat skimmed off with rice. He lost about 12 pounds but is now on his way back to normal. He is now eating his regular food and doing well. He still tries to get what ever he can food the table but he gets No fat. The hardest was not to give his his string cheese. He loves that stuff.
  2. I bcouldn't find the envelope so here is my e-mail addy rpul1@cableone.net I even hadWayne come and look for it he couldn't find it either. Ruth
  3. I have never done anything like this before so If you know how to make this private please feel free to proceed. Ruth
  4. ok, people, I have a brand new Slumber ball that Jasper will not even put a foot on it's the 44 inch in brown corduroy. we bought it about 8 months ago and still he won't touch it. I can't even remember what we paid for it. Who wants it????? Ruth in Idaho
  5. That sounds like you are in for a lot of fun. Does he argue like Jasper ? He does look like Jasper and I hope he is as much fun. I tell you that pup is one smart cookie. He seems to know if I'm not breathing right and comes over to tell me about it and puts his head on my leg to encourage me to start breathing correctly. He can open the sliding glass door with the doggie door so we have to keep it locked. The doggie door is built into the sliding door and when he hits it on an angle the door slides open. We also found out he is absolutely not going to use the slumber ball. Nope won't even put a foot on it or look at it. Glad Richard made it home safely. Have fun with the pups. Still can't talk Wayne into another one.
  6. So glad to hear that Richard is closer to home and safe. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and they make their way home safely. Welcome Finn. He looks a lot like Jasper, hope he is as much fun.
  7. I am so glad for you. I love the name Finn and good luck, I hope he is as fun as Jasper. When I told Wayne what you said about Jasper's arguing he said you nailed it. Hopefully the brindle will be as lucky in finding his home. Now we have twins from another mother.
  8. I don't know what happened to it then because I answered to your e-mail address direct. Everything is fine as far as I'm concerned. No problems ok. I don't think I can ever talk Wayne into another dog because this is the first time he has ever had one that dotes on him and he thinks that's just greyt . Jasper comes to me when he feels bad or tries to get out of something Wayne has told him he thinks that's enough. NEVER ENOUGH. He is also a love. He likes his hip patted and starts swinging his but into me and sometimes almost knocks me over and Wayne just laughs. Where you find Wayne you will find Jasper close behind. Gees be brave and take both. We are suppose to only have 2 dogs but for years we had three and the neighbors didn't even realize it until one day they saw us putting them in the car. Of course Tess and Polo looked liked twins and no one looked close enough to see the difference. You could't miss Buck fawn and brindle and white are just to different. They happened to all be quite and no one ever heard them bark. Jasper is mouthy and with argue with you so they all know he is here.
  9. I got you PM and answered you by e-mail. I found your addy in my address book, forgot I had it. Did you get it? All is fine here with everything. Frog has a brindle girl I would love to have but we are not on the same page with that so it's a no go. He has Jasper and says that's enough. Oh well guess I can keep hoping I'll eventually get my wish.
  10. Kristen You are right that looks just like Jasper. Good luck I don't envy you for having to choose because if it we was me I'd want both. Wayne says he wants to take some new pictures of Jasper to send you. His newest thing is to come lean on me when I take my shot at night, of course that gets him a piece of string cheese. what if they are both cat safe?
  11. I am so sorry that you have nothing but bad memories of Jasper. Maybe the big guy they want you to look at will be everything Jasper wasn't. For us Jasper is a God send and is very much the pup we needed. He is a barrel of laughs everyday and just what Wayne needed. He is now an only dog and thinks he is king around here. He watches the cats across the street but doesn't try to get out or show any angst. He does hate the squirrels that tease him in the back yard . He is healthy and seems to be very happy.
  12. She is very sly about how she does it. Makes him think it's his idea, smart girl. They both think they need to take care of Dad, and he's a lolipop. Yup that's him.
  13. Not a surprise to me. I knew Richard wanted a girl, because he thought you could resist her. Little did he know. Jasper is doing fantastic and just as sweet as can be. He and Polo are doing fine. Sometimes he gets carried away and tries to push her around and get pushed right back and also the snark eye works greyt . Enjoy the little doll and love them all. Sarg is a silly boy. Ruth
  14. Thank you hope everyone likes them. He hasn't roached yet but we get rooed at every morning for breakfast. Never has that happen before and it's fun. He sure loves to ride and visit all the stores. They are both so well mannered. Ruth in Idaho
  15. Sorry guys just can't post pictures. Even DH tried and couldn't get it to work. You have all seen Jasper so you know what he looks like. His 12 year old sister is white and brindle and compared to him very little. She weighs 55 lbs. and is a lover also. We have had her for 10 years and she is very healthy. We had 2 others along with her but lost them to the nasty C. Jasper and Polo are getting along very well and we are all having lots of fun. He is settling in very well. Walked in here just like he had always been here. Greynut if you would like to post the pics taken at the motel please feel free to do so. You can block the fat old lady out if you like. Ruth in Idaho
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