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  1. No sign of recognition unfortunately. But everyone had a great time - greyhounds and humans alike!
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Ted. My wife, Janine, and I are the happy parents of Polly (Pom Pom Galli)! She's five years old. Here is a picture of Polly.... And a picture of Polly and her Mom - Bea! Bea's Mom is Greytalk veteran Jan (FiveRoooooers). We had an amazing afternoon with Jan and her campers yesterday. Reuniting mother and daughter was a lot of fun for everyone! Thank you Jan for telling us about Greytalk! Polly is our second greyhound. We lost our dear little boy Ace (Nitro Leon) back in November of 2015. We miss him every day. Here are a couple pictures
  3. Thank you! Just curious - we always used greyhound-data.com for race history. It shows 73 races for Pom Pom Galli. Where did you find that it's 81? Ted
  4. Hi Dick, My wife and I just joined the forum (thanks Jan!). Pom Pom Galli is our dog (Polly) and I'm very appreciative of the information you provided on her racing! Our first greyhound was Nitro Leon (Ace). I know it goes back a ways but could you give us any information on him? Thank you. Ted and Janine
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