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  1. Well we re-jigged things a bit - baby gate across our bedroom door, and doggo can now sleep wherever he likes, which last night was in the hallway for awhile, and then he sloped off to the back room, and then downstairs. Only one initial moan, and then this morning he mad a bit of noise at his normal 0530 time, but we shushed him and he went quiet again and SUCCESS!!! Thankfully he is not destructive so we can trust him not to wreck the place. He is one step closer to be being adopted to us now!
  2. Thanks folks.. today has been better, I did pitch the idea of letting him sleep in the room in his crate (he has had a couple of zoomie episodes which were fun to see at first but he gets a bit overboard when he barks in our faces!) with us to my boyfriend, so we might try it if he continues, but obviously we also have the two steps forward-two steps back feeling.. we would like him to sleep downstairs eventually so what happens if he never leaves the bedroom?! Suffer now for a better outcome down the road perhaps but yes, if we get howled out of it again tonight, we might have to consider it
  3. Morning all. My partner and I are fostering our third greyhound and he is proving to be something of a handful and I am more looking for reassurance, but any advice is welcome. Heavily caveated with the 'its still early days' headline! The dog arrived last week from a charity after being surrendered by his last owner who was having issues controlling him and feeling safe with him. He was great for the first few days, but by day 4, he decided howling all night was the way to go. We took advice from the charity and as he had slept in a crate in his last home we collected one. We le
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