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I cannot believe what has happened.

Sabu, my elderly cat, has been killed by a stray dog.

I feel numb. I heard some noise outside, but we've been having trouble with a stray tom cat, and I just thought it was more of the same. When I woke him to give our other 3 cats some food, the kids next door asked what was the matter with one of my cats, and when I looked around and saw Sabu wasn't there, I knew immediately. She was on her side, and had such terror in her eyes. She was fighting the dog off.

I am heartbroken. I remember when Millie was young and got off-leash from my kid and injured the kitten next door. My sis and I scooped it up and took it to the vet to try to save it, but we couldn't.

This seems so different. She must've been 16 years old. She didn't come in much, but knew what was happening when my brother was dying and never left my side. When I was sad, she always came in. I cannot believe this has happened. She and Millie never got along, but I hope they're both at the Bridge as pals.

Now I have her 2 daughters to be concerned about because I'm sure they'll be depressed. A young male joined the group last year, too.

I'm simply at a loss...

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My neighbor saw the cat being chased but thought it was OK. He said he thought about knocking on my door but didn't. (I had to get the translation through his young son since he doesn't speak much English.) I'm just trying to get her terror out of my brain.

I swear I've heard her cry twice this morning. The first time, I thought I must be wrong. I went outside and saw 3 cats there. Then I heard it again, coming from the back stoop where'd she sit for me to let her in. I'd always see her, but sometimes I'd have to pretend to ignore her because I was so allergic to her. But sometimes I'd relent and let her in. I'm so happy that a couple of days ago, I picked her up and gave her a big hug.

Thank you for your condolences.

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My deepest sympathy. :f_pink Yes...your babes will live in harmony at the Bridge...there are no more tears in heaven. :grouphug


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Many thanks all for your condolences.

I am very grateful that my son just happened to be home from college for Oscar weekend. Just knowing he was there took some of the sting off. But he left today, and it's starting to hit home. I keep looking at the stoop on the back patio where she used to sit. Now her children sit together at the window where she used to be. They're only a year younger than she was (so they're at least 14), but somehow, they just seem lost without her. So am I.

Indeed, it is a gift from God that even though we must lose our companions, we still love them so very much.

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Guest how888

My heartfelt sympathy.May you find comfort in all the good memories you have and think of Sabu chasing butterflies running through the fields of daisies."Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Godspeed. :f_pink

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