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My Golden Girl Ginger

Guest Am_04

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I've been meaning to post about my golden girl but just didn't have the heart to on the one year anniversary of her passing. It still seems like yesterday that we went through the morning of he** with her. I still doubt myself daily if only I would of persisted she would still be here with me today.

The morning we helped Ginger to the bridge I knew something wasn't right she just wasn't acting like herself though nothing was clearly wrong. I made an appointment that morning to see the vet, this vet I usually didn't go to but our regular vet was out of town, she found nothing wrong with her and told me she had probably eaten something that didn't agree with her, I didn't think that was it but I let it go I've always thought the worse when someone wasn't acting normally, so just assumed I was over-reacting again...she told me if I was still concerned and if I thought Gin still wasn't acting right to bring her back in that afternoon...my baby never saw her afternoon appointment.

Around noon she was showing clear symptoms of bloat I called the vet I had been to earlier but she was out to lunch and had no number on the machine to tell me how to get a hold of her...we resorted to calling the next closest vet twenty miles away; he told us to bring her in immediately. He rushed her into surgery but to much unreversable damage had already been done, she wouldn't make it. I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to put her down. If only, something I ask myself nearly daily if only I would of kept persisting that something was wrong earlier in the day at the first vet, if only...

I lost more than just a pet; I lost my closest and dearest friend that day just over a year a go, other's close to her lost their friend too, for most she was the one thing they could count on to come in once a week like clock-work to visit them. I miss her so much she was only five years old....

For my Golden Girl who's strong spirit will always shine in the hearts of those who knew her.


"Am's Ginger Snap, JH CGC"

(September 2, 1998-November 9, 2003)



Ginger around seven months old at the park


Front l-r is Ginger and Toby, back l-r is my cousins Labs Lightning and Bert..on Toby's first Birthday in 2003.


Ginger doing her favorite thing, going to retrieve a dummy


Around three years old


Ginger with Toby the day Toby was adopted in 2002


Me with Ginger and a foster dog (Ty) in 1999

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Guest Greymom
:bighug:bighug I am so sorry for your loss. No matter how much time goes by, we always remember our beloved companions. While the pain is still there in your heart, take some comfort knowing she is at peace and you will see her again.
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Guest goddessgina

She looks like a very special girl. I know how you feel, I had something similiar happen to me with my Bella. I had her for 10 years and my heart totally broke when she passed. It's been two years now and I can tell you from experience that it does get easier to deal with the pain over time.


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Guest auntiesara

I can see from her lovely pictires that she was a very special girl. We have always had second thought about putting our Angels to sleep even when the vet told us there was no hope. I believe they forgive us. They know that we acted out of love and wanted to spare them terrible pain. Please don't blame yourself-you did all you could by rushing her to the vet and were able to be with her to help her at the end. Thank you so much for sharing her pictures!



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