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The Gift

Guest Karen72

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Guest Karen72

“The gift”


One cold October morning

.. A gift was placed in my unworthy hands

This tiny furry bundle of life, with four magnificent paws

And the most trusting brown eyes

Who asked of me only one thing

‘.... Love me’

And I did, with my whole heart

You grew... My gentle giant,

Into the keeper of my secrets

The source of my comfort

and eventually the guardian of our home.


This beautiful soul

Whose wet nose and excited whine

Greeted all to whom we opened our door

Whose only purpose ~ in your mind

Was to make the world smile

Oh how you did.



With a heart of pure gold

And the curiosity of a child

You loved the tiny person that tugged on your ears

And wrapped her little girl arms around your neck

You adored her

She cried in your furry coat as I did when life wasn’t fair

And you sat quietly until our world was right again.


I don’t remember the time I first saw

The grey in your fur

It seemed to just appear one day,

But when you faltered

~ It brought me to my knees

My strong and gentle boy

had grown old.


Now that little girl

Who you carried around our yard

Whose bruises you licked

Whose heart you captured

...those tiny hands now helped you down the stairs each morning


And when the time came

There was only one choice

In return for the unconditional acceptance,

The unwavering loyalty

And the pure joy of life you brought into my world

The precious friend who left paw prints across our lives


These same hands that carried you home

On that cold October morning all those years ago

That held you in your fear,

And promised to take care of you,

Will carry you home again

The hardest thing I could ever do

It was time

To give back ‘the gift’




Karen Gosse

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Karen, that's beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


Cleo (Golddust Cadilac 83484 Blazing Desire X Greys Blu Fox)

Cole (Hallo Jeremy 88778 My Rooster X Bahama Tango)

Athena (R and a Peach 93839 Coldwater Guv X R and a Lady)

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Guest mleg2001

It is beautiful, it is painful knowing your losing your friend, but there is a kind of peace by letting go if you know the dog is suffering.

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Guest Jengonetothedogs

So beautiful. I rarely read the 'remembrance' posts, because I know they'll make me cry, but I'm very glad I read this one.

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Guest Guest

Oh wow, that tore me apart, how beautiful your words were and what an inspirational tribute. I believe you were given a gift for sure.I will need to print that one out to give to people at work who have no computers. Thank you for sharing that. Godspeed. :f_red:f_red

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Guest how888

oops, I forgot to log in, that was me How 888. Once again that was very touching. I miss my precious Howie more than words can say. :gh_run

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