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Guest greymomx2

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I make ceramic urns that have a figure of a greyhound on the lid, and are painted or inscribed with running dogs around the sides, and any text you wish to include. You can follow the link in my signature to see samples and order.

Tami, Nikki & Gypsy (non-greyhounds, but still pretty good dogs.) Deeply missing Sunscreen Man, Angel (Back on the Job), Switzler Festus and Joe (Indio Starr)

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I am sorry to hear of your loss.. We received Belle in a plain ceramic white urn. I am going to get a nice Pewter one(to match her color) when I find the right one...

<b>These of course are just my humble opinions and in no way express the thoughts or ideas of the management, staff or members of this or any other board.. </b>
James River Greyhounds, Richmond VA
Homer, Gunnar and Scarlett,... Bridge Kids, Belle, Toby, Tanner, Pumpkin, Dimples and Tyrone, Willis, Duncan, Clea,Cable and Gracie

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Guest threefasthounds

I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost one of my three greyhounds on Jan. 27th. I didn't get a urn, but opted to go to a store called Things Remembered, and found a lovely wooden box, which I had engraved (on the golden plate on top), her name,and year of birth and death.

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Guest auntiesara

Our creamatorium offers nice bronze ones with plaques. We wanted something that wouldn't be damaged if wild animals dug it up out of our garden in VT. Also magazines like Dog Wold and Dog Fancy are likely to advertise such products. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Beau.


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