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Empty Holidays

Guest dass

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I have to say that the holidays have not been the same here. I haven't posted anything lately, but I read the new ones every day. To all of you that have lost your Grey, as well as other, family members: You are not alone, we share in your heartache.We are blessed with a healthy 8 yr. old ,Leah Lynn.And 8 month old Abby ( Bonita).Healing takes it's time. So hug the ones we have and remember they miss their mates too. They can't express their grief the way we can but I could see it in Leah Lynn's eyes.When we first brought little Abby home , last June, she was 7 wks. old. Jake was sitting up in his bed and Abby raced to him and jumped up to give him a hug,with both front legs.As if to say " my new daddy" !!! The most uplifting photo I have ever taken. So to ALL of you : The Sun will Shine again !!......in time.

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Guest auntiesara

Yes we do have to find a way to go on through the tears. We have always adopted new boys when our family got small. Our Piper was a special needs black Grey with Heartworm and kidney failure.After we lost him we adopted Longdog Matt over the internet,since he wasn't particularly placable at age 8 but has been even more loving or showed it more than his Angel brothers.We had severe unresolved bereavement problems with the surviving sisters to the point that we needed homeopathic remedies for everyone and even prozac for one of them. Getting a new family member does help....


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Through our connections we had a chance to get a Grey puppy. This was last spring. Having a third Grey was something we had not thought a lot about but getting a puppy was a rare opportunity. We got a call in April from our Adoption Group and a champion racer was going to have un-planned puppys.For some reason it was kept quiet so no information on the Sire was available.We only knew that the mother was a champion racer and she had a single puppy. This took place on a breeding farm out west. The puppy was a single birth, silver brindle,female and very UNWANTED. We said..YES ! When she was 7wks. old they sent her to a foster home for a short time before putting on a plane with a lady that was vacationing there. She had handled Greyhounds before and knew what to do. When she got home , in PA, she called us to meet her half way. And Abby became a member of our family. Little did we know that Jake would be gone in a few months. Some say that there is a Sprit World connected with Greyhounds ! After the things that have happened over the years , I believe there is. Why was Addy sent to us ? Why her mother had only one puppy ? I only know one thing....Abby is a Miracle.

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Guest argolola

I'm sorry you were without Jake during the holidays.


This was my first Christmas in 17 years without Zombie. But we were also blessed because it was our first Christmas with Lola.


We never forget those who have gone to the bridge, but we still open our hearts to love again.

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Anniversaries and holidays are the most difficult times, I think. If you think you've come to terms with a loss, you can be surprised.


Sorry you lost your Jake :f_pink:bighug


I used not to think much about animals and the spirit world, but a few incidents after Suze died changed that for me. And I don't know how or why, but it seems we were prevented from getting another senior - we got five year old Renie instead. Someone didn't think we were ready, I believe.


I would still like another senior (I have Jim, of course, but I mean to take on another) and now I feel that when the time is right, one will turn up.


Addy will be a challenge as she grows up, I'm sure, but she will also bring joy to your hearts.


The plural of anecdote is not data

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Guest ProudGreyMom

Hugs and sympathy from a mom of a Jake. I lost my precious heart dog Ben in July and I totally know what you mean about the holidays. I looked for him the whole time. I tried to remember that he is up above watching us and free of all his pain now.

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