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Becky, I'm so sorry to hear about Bud...when I was looking at the list and saw his name my heart just sank.I always think of him wearing his hat. It's never easy losing a special friend. He knew he was loved that's for sure. Take Care


Me too!!! And that's the way I will always remember him. He seemed like a really cool dude.


Bud, go show all those kitties at the Bridge how to be stylin! B)

Kristin in Moline, IL USA with Ozzie (MRL Crusin Clem), Clarice (Clarice McBones), Latte and Sage the IGs, and the kitties: Violet and Rose
Lovingly Remembered: Sutra (Fliowa Sutra) 12/02/97-10/12/10, Pinky (Pick Me) 04/20/03-11/19/12, Fritz (Fritz Fire) 02/05/01 - 05/20/13, Ace (Fantastic Ace) 02/05/01 - 07/05/13, and Carrie (Takin the Crumbs) 05/08/99 - 09/04/13.

A cure for cancer can't come soon enough.--

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Guest catsmom

Thanks everyone for your condolences. I still tear up when I read these things and think about how much I miss my boy. My other kitties have been really loving me up, as if they know I feel the loss (the dogs could care less!) I had Bud cremated and should be getting his ashes back soon. This is the first time I'm going to hang onto a bridge baby and not bury him. For some reason I just can't do that.


But again, thank you all. You have been a great help in the healing process.

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