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It’S Complicated....immune Issues

Guest pamburghardt

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Guest pamburghardt

Razzy is a galgo from Spain. He has erlichia and has gone through two rounds of doxy. He also had severe vasculitis on his ears and started to have joint swelling. He is on mycophenolate and prednisone. Hos liver function is suffering and he has malabsorbtion issues too. He has lost a lot of muscle.


Though he doesnt show the spunkiness he once had, he is able to go for long walks,hop onto the couch, and trot after a red squirrel. He eats well.


Today he had a nosebleed for the first time. We are fighting a daily swing between pooping soup, pooping formed but soft, and pooping normal.


Our internist and our vet both think he might also have leishmania, though his blood tests negative. They say they cannot do a bone aspiration or spleen aspiration at this point because we would have to have him off the prednisone .... and that results in immediate joint swelling, vasculitis of his ears, and of his muzzle.


I do not know what to concentrate on treating and what to let go of. His kidney values indicate he should be on a kidney supporting diet .... low protein. His liver values and pancreas indocate he should be on low fat. His gut does not seem to like grains very much. It is complicated and I do not know what to do.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you... Pamela

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