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Rachael Ray Dog Food: Working Greyt For Annie

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Annie Bananie had been on Diamond Naturals White Fish and Sweet Potato. I started it last fall and she liked it, which was a good thing because she was no longer liking Iams in the green bag. A while ago, she stopped liking the Diamond Naturals, even when I added something like a bit of cheese or a piece of turkey. She stopped eating breakfast and would eat only about half of her supper. She lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks and since she was in good Greyhound shape to begin with -- could see 2 ribs and hip bones -- she was, for once, as skinny as many people probably thought she looked like before. Actually, all her human friends noticed and asked if she was sick.


Long story short, I picked up Rachael Ray's Beef and Brown Rice flavor dog food to try, and Annie went nuts over it, even at first when I gradually introduced it with the Diamond Naturals. The consistency of her poos got better and now that she's totally on the RR food, her poos are better than ever. She's always had formed poos, but they were usually squishy, even with Olewo. They are firmer and easier to pick up.


As we always say: Whatever works, and since this is working for at least one Greyhound, I thought I'd share it here in case somebody is looking for a food to try.

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Trolley is also on Rachel Ray food. I buy the Zero Grain and she loves it. Pooh is great. I just tried her new product called Dish and Trolley is crazy for it. No tu my issues. So I've been mixing both foods together. She doesn't seem to get bored with it.

Carol-Glendale, AZ

Trolley (Figsiza Trollyn)

Nevada 1992-2008...always in my heart

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