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Do I Have A Greyhound Mix? Introduction/digital Corns

Guest jroland0482

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Guest jroland0482

Hi! My name is Jessica and I recently adopted Charley from an animal shelter in September. She was very close to being pts and is heart worm positive which we are currently treating. I never considered her being a greyhound mix until she presented with digital corns and the things I've read say it's almost exclusively a greyhound issue. I'm wondering if you guys think she fits the bill for a mix because as every dog owner I'm curious about her background and also anything you can tell me about the digital corns? I've read they come back every three to four weeks. I know surgery is an option and hulling, what do you all do for your dogs? She won't be able to do any kind of surgery until we complete her heart worm treatment. Thanks in advance and looking forward to meeting you all!

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welcome aboard. hard to say without seeing her. so

:digicam Pictures please :rules


(there are non-surgical treatments for corns, try searching the forum, especially the medical section. i seem to recall covering them little pieces of duck tape being involved in one method.

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