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Thanks, Fountainlady (Diamond Natural Whitefish & Sweet Potato)

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About a month ago, FountainLady posted that she had switched her dogs to Diamond Natural Whitefish and Sweet Potato kibble. It firmed up their poos and they no longer ate their feces.


I had Annie on Green Iams for 3 +/- years but for the last 6 months, she was showing little interest in it and her poos were getting mushy. Adding Olweo helped a little bit but she didn't like it and showed less interest in her Iams. After reading FountainLady's testament to the subject food, I decided to try it.


Annie's been on it for over a month and she loves it and her poos are much better. They are completely formed and not mushy, though with this hot weather, they do get softer as the day goes on.


Right after I started Annie on Green Bag Iams, and it seemed fine, I swore I'd never change kibble again... ever... but I am so glad I tried the Diamond Natural Whitefish and Sweet Potato.

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Guest Lygracilux

Awh yay, so happy someone else tried it, thanks for leaving your review.


As much as I want to, I've been on the fence about switching because Fusions poo's right now are the best they've been since we have had him, but even then they're still pretty soft. After the whole 2 month long stomach issue we had with him I'm so nervous to change. Glad it worked for you though!

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I bought a bag of Diamond Natural Whitefish and sweet potato, to help the foster. It was specified that he needed to be on grain free. He is still in the process of switching over to completely Diamond.

i was boasting of his firm poops just the other day on FB. I was just signing on today to look for help for his flatulence. he has had terrible gas since day one.


thanks very much FountianLady

Peggy - Pete (Wild Pan Thief), Remy (Exotic Ziricote) Buddy the Golden 11-26-04 to 9-18-15, the KATZ - Ozzy, Freckles, Jake and Elwood Hubba, Desert Tortoises Tortilita, and Athena. and when I figure out how to make a PET collage they will all be included in this signature. I included my 2 most recent fosters. Marie a sweet darling of a girl. And Willie, a dog I want to keep. He is a loveable mushy boy.


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