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  1. TY45 and family, tey are such a special breed, we lost out 9 year old boy the week after your post. and it was his quick decline over a week, and i felt that was sudden. i am so sorry for the passing of Moonshine, she was a beautiful girl.
  2. she has been chosen to go to a forever home, the dad, BOB is ready, but the wife needs to meet her and approve. they will come to visit next weekend. and hopefully take her home with them then. i have sent an email to our groups behavorist- hopefully she can visit us both and help with the human response to the foster dog. she is sweet and is only defending things she cares deeply for. i get that. she loves us and her food thank you GREYSMOM
  3. HELP- now hubby is upset because he feels I rewarded her for her lunging at Remy. by not doing something right after the lunge and attempted bite happened. HELP
  4. so this morning, she was laying close to my husbands feet, and our Remy came in from outside and he ran close to her to get to his room. she lunged at REMY and my husband is really upset and wanted to muzzle her right then. I was in the kitchen making FOOD. remy had to run psst her because i was in the other path to his room. Well when i put her food down and x-penned the room off. she growled at no one in particular. he wanted to punish her for that as well. i let her finish eating, Pete got a second helping because he ate his 1 c dry. he has been a whole other food issue... When the foster was done eating i put her turn out muzzle on her. we have been outside for aftermeal potty and she is now relaxing on slumberball sleeping. i think she is learning, i think she was protecting my husband from Remy being too close. I think she has progressed. she didn't bite him, she did growl as she lunged, he moved faster past her. i told my hubby we both need to read more about food reactive and resource guarding. this is what she is learning -- i have asked her nicely to not growl at the resident dogs. she is good 90% of the time. and when some dog does get close to her and she dosen't react- i say good dog. thinking that will help her not react. right now she is in her turnout muzzle- the first time she has had to wear it since coming here- except for visit to the e-vet for neck pain. but she is relaxed. my question- are my dogs in danger- will she always give a warning growl/ will she get over this soon? how can i help her realize that she will always get food? and she doesn't need to be reactive, before and during meals? also suggested reading on this topic, please, and thank you.
  5. she is growling at the residents while she is being allowed to hang out on the other dog beds. not to sure if we need to put on her muzzle or if the growl is just a test of what can i get away with if i act like a grumpy gus. i have talked with her hopeful forever dad about the possesiveness.
  6. Hello Grey Talk Peeps, She only growls if she is eating or if i am in the kitchen preparing the food bowls. So she knows food is coming and she growls at my alpha dog just because he walks close to her x-pen. I have spoken to her and said she is safe in the x-pen, no one will take her food. i don't want her to not give a warning, but she is in her own space. yes it is new space. But she came from the ranch with the warning that she has food agression. the question is how can i get her over this issue? or should i? she has met her possible future forever dad, and they have no other indoor pets. so he says it won't be an issue. My dogs don't stress over her growling. she is in lock down in x-pen because of some cervical neck pain that showed up three days after she arrived. thanks for any comments
  7. Hello GT friends, Here we go again. This foster has been in my care since May 15, 2017. He has been through the 3days on panacur then in 14 days treat 3days again. four times. he had his follow up fecal last friday and it returned positive for hooks again. i want to treat him 5 days in a row with the panacur, 14 days apart. he has so improved since in my care, his fur is shiny and filled in and his bones are less prominent. OUR group has had lots of issues getting the hooks to clear quite a few dogs, however they continue to prescribe the panacur 3 days not 5 days. would there be any harm to the dog to try the five day treatment? i will consider any feedback helpful. thanks Coconuts foster Mom
  8. Hi Neylas Mom, Are you sure she's not in pain? Could her incision be infected? Is it red or inflamed at all? Is she on any pain medications? the scream happens when we put on the e-collar, soft e collar, or the modified belly band. and if i touch her ears. she was described as 'making a weird noise' at the ranch. before she come to foster home. we haven't done anything to her today, and there has been no GSOD well actually i was laying with her in the xpen and brushing out more of her winter fur, she likes grooming she was taking Tramadol until her last pill yesterday. she is not licking at it so much today- it is not red or even pink- it looks like it is healing well. i think we have a special princess
  9. I have a Daphnie- aka Daffy is - my new foster and she was fine- she had her spay this week tuesday, she returned here foster home, and was fine until yesterday- she has started to lick at the incision site. I have checked it is not pink or red, the stitches and the incision look fine, she has cleaned off all the previously flaky blood. she has started to respond with GSOD - it began when i tried to check her hears, i had asked that they clean them while she was under sedation, because i attempted to clean the gook last week and she yelped and cried like she had severe issues. Since she returned on wednesday from the vet i tried to look at her newly cleaned ears, but she wanted nothing to do with that. she screamed i left them alone. so she is training me to not look at her ears. well i need to fix this. she will let me touch her toes, and she likes grooming - i have nubby mitts and she seems to like being brushed- she is blowing off all her Kansas winter fur, since moving to Arizona she won't need that under coat. what can i do to keep her from licking her sutures?
  10. Hello Greytalkers. com my new foster was said to have this weird noise she made when she was happy at the Lazy Grey Ranch. This is where the new dogs for our group are boarded until they can be vetted and cat tested. well my new girl Daffy was fine until last night, she has started to lick her incision area, probably due to it being itchy. she didn't bother it upon return from surgery on Wednesday this week and we are now 4 days post spay I applied some hydrocortisone topical to her belly avoiding the stitches. I have tried to cover her incision with a modified belly band- but that caused the GSOD to insue. I took it off. but after a little while of her trying to lick again, I made her stand up, which had now become an issue of needing to put the leash on her to make her stand up. I put the belly band around her but loosely she tolerated it, and walked very gingerly while on the leash outside to go potty. now today this has continued and gotten more severe- so i came to see if this is a thing- because she is young she will be 2 in June- she arrived in Arizona from a KS farm. SO my next call or email will be to the Animal behaviorist our group uses so she can help me help this scared dog. any tips?? besides the desensitizing article i read in this thread. She is perfectly content to be enclosed in the x-pen. the scream started when i tried to look at her ears. She got me to stop trying to look at them and has since used the scream more, so many times today it is concerning. thanks for any help or tips for this new foster baby Peggy in /tucson
  11. My parents had a girl dog that never liked me. that was when i still smoked cigarettes. maybe they smoke?
  12. Hey KickReturn, so happy to see the results of Honor's xray!! at my house today the foster bit Remy in the head. now he has a bloody ear. and his limping is worse today. so i have to get his x-ray this week. i hope i get good news too.
  13. Hi Jamie, I'l probably be in the minority, but I am all for euthinasia earlier. All the medications and treatments are for naught. They will still be gone too young. Open your heart and home to a younger hound that is newly retired. hugs.
  14. Hi KickReturn, thank you for asking what I have been wondering in my head for a couple of weeks. My boy Remy has had a front left leg limp. it comes and goes. the last couple of weeks it's been more evident. i know his lineage has some cancer and i dread getting the diagnosis. i have checked his pads, toes, wrist, he sleeps on the king size bed all day and on a xl twin bed at night. he just avoids dog beds becase he is a special dog. it took him years to get over being a spook, the adaptil plug ins and collar worked wonders for him. he still likes to run laps around the yard, he wants to go for walks, the limp is only pronounced right after he get up from sleeping. i appreciate your asking and the answers from everyone.
  15. Wondering how Snow is feeling? I hope she is doing better.
  16. Our Pete is recently diagnosed with valley fever a fungus thing here in the desert. But he has lost interest in food. My sister, GreyWrangler suggested raw boneless skinless chicken thighs. Since giving Pete a half a thigh cut into pieces a few times a day, he has become interested in food again and seems so much better. he gets his medicine in his chicken thigh. We just stocked up today and i froze some in small packages. I hope your dog eats soon. For me it got really concerning when Pete didn't even want the cooked chicken and rice.
  17. If you can have a camera or phone and video the spasms or episode, so the vet or neurologist can see what she is doing.
  18. Hello T Rexa, Welcome to greytalk, there is lots of great information here. My last foster was a girl with a broken hock and a 12 hour bladder. They- girls - don't seem to need to mark, if they need to pee they do, and that's it. My boy dogs, all have to pee on every bush and boulder on our walks. And they have multiple places in the back yard that are marking spots. The girl Marie, wasn't interested in where to pee, just when she wanted to - it was time. She would also poo regularly, usually 2 in the morning and a small one after dinner. I would try to take her out to go potty when I'd take the boys out, and she just didn't want to go most of the time. Being a broken hock or leg, she will need to be leash walked for a few months, until completely healed. So don't worry if she only wants to do potty twice a day. Her crate is her safe place-consider it her house- don't let the cat go in there. As time goes on and her comfort level (and yours) rise she will adjust to being out more. But with a broken leg/hock she should stay in confinement. It sounds as though she has been doing great with the cat. We have four cats, (and are deemed kitty boot camp for our group). Marie never liked the cats coming by her x-pen/crate and looking at her. she would growl at them. but she was completely cat safe. if you can distract her- that is the biggest Key. i wouldn't keep the muzzle on her. but a leash when she it out of the crate, like previous post suggests. Keep us posted on how things are progressing.
  19. We knew a Sheltie named Chase that was going to be a show dog, that had been de-barked. He was so sweet. And he could still make a noise, like a grunt not a bark. Congratulations on your new family member. He is in for the BEST years of his life.
  20. Thank you Shantis mom. I appreciate your input. seenh20- i can't use PM on here- still too new or something. thank you for your reply too. We went to our backup vet, and saw a wonderful Dr. All the Docs at this practice we have seen are Greyhound Savvy. They took, blood, i brought urine and fecal. They did a chest x-ray. The doc said he didn't see anything that concerns him on the x-ray. just VF and possibly a little bronchitis. Partial expense of the radiographs is they send to specialist electronically and get a review by specialist within 12-24 hours. So we will hear more from them tomorrow. Dr says possibly Pete will need a short course of steroids, to help his body fight. He said since he started the fluconazole- he shouldn't be worse. But he also said it is not a reaction to the fluconazole. With VF it does take years to treat, and possibly a life time. I get that. My Golden battled VF for years. And at it's worst it caused him seizures. if he dosen't seem to be improving in the next few weeks i will see this same vet about Itraconazole- he ate his dinner, but then proceeds to drink water. and threw up some of the water and only a little of the food.
  21. We have had experience with VSCOT. With our Golden and it was before they expanded and sold out to a big corporation. Maybe they have changed their patient care. When we took our boy in, the vet tech takes the animal into the back of the facility and they come out an hour or so later to tell you they want to run these tests, here is an estimate. sign this paper. i feel as though my pet is taken hostage, and they hold him in the back. my regular vet has exam rooms, and you wait in the exam room for the doctor with your pet. and the doctor talks to the PET owner, not sending a vet tech out with a paper to sign. My regular vet is so busy, because she is a very good vet. We have an appointment with the back up vet tomorrow morning. thanks for your post. VSCOT is our 4rd option. Unless he continues decline. tonight he seemed fine and then the next minute he could use his front left leg and it was dragging. like paralyzed. i took his thunder shirt off, thinking maybe the front was too tight around his shoulders. We had some really big thunder earlier tonight. i looked up Blazin Blue Blast- he has Molotov and Flying in his pedigree. My Pete has Molotov. Blazin Blue Blast is a handsome boy. I have liked his page on FB. My sister has Flying Han Solo, I would wager they are also related. At least they are both beautiful BLUE boys.
  22. Hello Greytalkers, I am usually here to ask about a foster issue. But Today I am here to ask for Desert Specific advice. Pete had been coughing, and acting less happy for May and June. Not wanting to eat off and on. We took him in July 9 got his blood work done for coccidioidomycosis. The results came back as a 1/32, the vet also mention his hemocrit was 45%. possibly VF related. the prescription was compounded and arrived 7/14/16. so he has been taking as prescribed. Well his cough has gotten so much worse since he has been on the Fluconazole. it has turned into a very loud cough. Has anyone else any experience with their Greyhound having VF? My Golden had it previously, and at it's worst he had seizures, and bad joint pain, and limited mobility. I thought we caught Pete's early on, and being on the medication would be helping. Do you know of something that can help with his cough? I can't get into my regular vet. they are booked, i would take him to our secondary Vet- and last resort the E-vet. any advice and comments are appreciated
  23. Hello Heart <3, I want to know how is your girl doing? please update.
  24. Hi Greytalk folks, My previous foster, Marie went to her forever family (and was cleared of her hooks-visable tapes- after using DE and taking one dose of parziquantal.) My NEW foster Willie, has a couple of ongoing issues. He is on Mexiletine 150mg 3 x daily for a heart arrythmia. EKG and other tests sent to cardiologist on Wed, hoping to hear if he has to continue this medication. He was tested right after coming off Tucson track on June 29 and didn't have hooks in that test. He was tested again 7/14 and tested positive for hooks. So I have been given the 6 dose extensive treatment protocol. Which is broken down into 3 days of panacur then 14 days off, then 3 days on, 14 off, 3 on, 14 off. Etc. I plan on giving this sweet baby, Willie, food grade DE on the off days. He is a fairly good eater, but he does not like taking pills. So he has been getting wet cat food with his pill stuck inside, with 3 small meals. I am reluctant to start the panacur currently with the small meals and Mexiletine. He had an allergic reaction Monday this week, and that Monday and Tuesday before his trip to vet on Wednesday i only gave his two doses per day of the heart med. so today is day two of being back on three doses per day. If there are any Greyhound Cardiologist Specialty Vets that read these forums. Could you advise if a 67lb dog should have 150mg 3x a day? and i wonder if the vet here in Tucson could share the EKG and other tests electronically with you. I am hoping for a miracle, knowing I am posting under a hookworm topic. But I know some people visit this site daily just to see if they can be helpful. And everyone is extremely helpful. I want to help this dog. here is a photo of this wonderful sweet greyhound on the table right after they squirted him with echo jelly http://s1284.photobucket.com/user/peglyhubba/media/IMG_15711_zpsuxrwhtre.jpg.html thanks for all comments
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