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Chewy Time!

Guest valeriej

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Guest valeriej

Sarah has been great since we got her out of her crate and she gets free roam of the house! However last night, she stole the remote, a coaster, and phone case off my dresser and chewed them all to death! In super stealth mode too, I'm a light sleeper and didn't hear her at all.


She's never tried to chew anything other than her toys when we're with her, she's never been interested in household items.

She's gets nightly walks, 30-45 minutes and a peanut butter kong (she's working on it right now). Any suggestions for why? or maybe a quiet, non squeaky toy, we can give her to help control the urge to chew?

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We've had all of the above (and waaaay more, including several hundred dollars worth of percussion mallets and sticks, much to my husband's dismay...) annihilated by our boy, who never used to get into anything, and still usually does not. It just started one day, about 2 years in to life with us, though it was only when we left him alone. I say 'was', as the house we bought is still way to large for our collection of tiny apartment grad student furniture, and he now has a completely empty bedroom with just his beasty stuff to be babygated in while we are away.


We have a couple of giant nylabones, an elk antler, and another bone that are places strategically within sight around the house. If it's plastic she's looking for, maybe a nylabone would be an attractive alternative? Our Marvin is not at all a big chewer, but when he gets angsty or peeved at us (thinks he isn't getting enough treats or undivided attention), he will go grab his bone and at least drag it around and chew it for about 30 seconds, which seems to curb his intentions on our cell phone chargers, coasters, and other plastic items.


Good luck! We've definitely had the 'shakes head' moments and asking our dog, 'Did that seriously taste good or feel ok on the way down?'

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