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Post Spay Activities

Guest kisstherain

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Guest kisstherain

Hi everyone,


I am having trouble finding specific information on this, so here goes:


I am bringing home a second greyhound (yay!!!!) who will be spayed about 9 days prior.

I have been online reading and different websites give varying amount of advice on what the dog should or shouldn't do. I was wondering:


1) Would getting into the car (I.e. jumping to the backseat) be bad for her at 9-10 days? Or is lifting her to the backseat worse?


2) at 10 days, can she go on longer walks, I.e. 30min?

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Guest Scouts_mom

The adoption group should pass on to you any post-operation instructions that still apply. As others have said, she most likely will have no restrictions, unless for some reason her surgery was abnormal.

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Typically dogs are back to full activity between 10-14 days. Kili was at an agility trial 12 days post spay.


ETA: But Kili was on complete exercise restriction for the first 10 days (no walks, potty on leash, x-pen or crate in the house)... just to be clear! lol

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