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Guest Lillypad

Congratulations for considering a raw diet. The rule of thumb is 80/10/5/5 Meaning 80 percent muscle meat, 10 percent bone, 10 percent organ, BUT.. only 5 percent of the 10 percent of organ should be liver. Liver should be added sparingly. And really is only required 1 or 2 times a week. Fish oil supplement is also a good idea to add. The thought being that beef sources today are corn/grain fed rather than pasture fed and therefore lacking in omega 3 hence the fish oil supplement is required. Also, good to consider is that you are working for balance over time, not every meal every day has to be balanced. If you are having a grind made, realize that a variety of protein sources is recommended and mixed them up. For instance, a beef grind meal, pork grind meal, chicken grind meal and so on, Venison is fabulous, wish I could get more of it. I suggest freezing the wild meats for 3 - 4 weeks before feeding.

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