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Nerve And Muscle Biopsy- Any Experiences?


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My dog never fully recovered. It hurt him and took a while for him to heal. Worse though was the fact that his abilities in that leg never came back to their prior level and he actually acted somewhat painful, nothing serious but like a little achy... forever. The neurologist said this was basically the last thing to try diagnostically but he really felt it probably would not yield significantly helpful results. He was right. Of all the tests and procedures we put Daniel through, this is the only one I regret. The results were inconclusive on the whole. It didn't show anything treatable, like muscle parasite or obvious muscle disease. It backed up the results of the NCV/EMG. It as it turned out the biopsy was unnecessary and didn't help him in the long run. Then again, if it had found something treatable I would be singing a different tune.


It's a hard choice to make. I can't say I would never do that to another dog because there might be a situation where the other, less invasive diagnostics pointed towards a disease that only the biopsy could diagnose and lead to appropriate treatment. If, as was the case with Daniel, a muscle & nerve biopsy was the last ditch effort to find something, anything that could save him but the docs felt it was most unlikely then I would not go through with it. All dogs and situations are different. You have to make your best decision with the situation and information you have at hand. Once you do, try not to second guess yourself. We just do the best we can.


Why are you considering this?

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