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What's Wrong With Molly?

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We went to our Meet and Greet today which is usually Molly's most favorite thing in the world. Today she didn't want to get petted, she was uninterested in the people and she was shaking (which she never does). She stuck close to me and was just "off". She's eating and drinking ok and peeing and pooping ok, but she's not herself. There were more dogs than usual but that has never bothered her in the past. I did a quick body check and the only thing I found (and someone else noticed too) was her front wrist seemed slightly swollen but she let me maniplulate it and would walk on it and put weight on it.


I'll keep an eye on her this weekend. Her eyes are a little glassy but her nose is cold and weight. Her temp was 99.8 (I took it twice to make sure), so she has no fever.


Any ideas?

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There are too many things to list but it seems like a pain reaction should be at the top of the list of possibilities. Your plan of action, keeping an eye on her & taking her temp at various times over the weekend, sounds like the best idea. If her wrist appears swollen, you may want to consider using a Sharpie or other permanent marker to draw an outline of where the swelling is now. That way you will have a reference to compare to later so you will know if the swelling has increased or decreased.


Should Molly develop a fever, the swelling dramatically increase, she become lethargic, start refusing food, etc., then you may want to consider taking her to an e-vet. Otherwise, if the symptoms haven't resolved by Monday then getting to your local vet should be sufficient.


Hopefully this will be a one time incident & the ankle is just a mild injury that resolves quickly on it's own. Good luck & please give us an update when you get a chance.

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