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Just Had A Friend Send Me This...

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Unless you absolutely HAVE to take Sammi to the Vet, (as in life or death) I would postpone her appointment. A Vet's office is one of the places dogs are exposed to all kinds of nasty things.


Shots are going to temporarily compromise her immune system. If you're concerned about her shots, please google Dr. Ronald Schultz. He has done more research about canine immunity than any other human being on the planet. He believes that immunity lasts MUCH longer than we have been led to believe by our Vets and the drug companies. Once you read his work, you may feel better about postponing Sammi's visit to the Vet. If you're still in doubt, please call your Vet and ask how many cases of the circovirus they have treated. If they say none, ask how many have been reported in your city/county. Some Vets are pretty good about keeping in touch with others when pets lives are in danger and you might get a better sense of where the virus is migrating.

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The Detroit Free Press is so far saying that it is SE MI where the circovirus is showing up (We are up south of Traverse City, other side of the state hours away). Definitely calling the vet on Monday and asking them like you suggested. It's only for her Rabies/tags and we have a 30 day window to get the 3 yr, after that its a 1 yr. Part of me wants to get her in and out before it spreads farther into Michigan, but will talk to the vets office about it.

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