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Blood On His Chew Rope? S:

Guest Rhea

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Dane has not really let me brush his teeth, and he has several brown spots on them. He loves to chew, and now that we know he is partial to rope toys, mom got him a sort of 'dental rope chew' It's the Booda Fresh n' Floss, and I suppose since it IS actual floss incorporated into the rope, it might be from that.. I'm just wondering how worried I should be? I have his first vet appointment scheduled for Wednesday, so I'm planning to ask the vet about the state of his teeth. (He's also eating kibble, so he's got that going for him, at least.)








(you can click the pictures to look at them bigger)


It's not a LOT of blood, I guess, but... Is it the same as with people? Do his gums just need time to become less sensitive?


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Guest Scarter55

I've found blood on some of Lady's chew toys when she really goes at them. And we do brush her teeth fairly regular. I think they just get their gums a little irritated, especially if they are chewing a new toy or more than normal. If we give her regular beef bones to chew on, I don't usually see any blood.


Heck, my gums bleed if I don't floss them regularly. It's not ideal, but I don't go to the dentist every time that happens.

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