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Why Do All My Animals Get Sick At The Same Time?

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Mickey, one of my greyhounds, goes back to the vet for the third time tomorrow for an eye injury. I have a goat that had a false pregnancy several months ago. Now she is not eating or drinking, and won't come out of the barn at mealtimes. I have one horse that is limping, and one that is squinting one eye. I'm ready to move away until they are all "fixed"! I'm hoping that they will all be much improved tomorrow. The bottle of wine next to me is helping me to believe that!

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I'm sorry. I do know the feeling. Sam routinely gets pills every day--six different prescriptions (plus Pepcid to soothe his stomach). Silver used to get none. Now, she's getting three prescriptions, and they combine to have the wackiest dosing schedule (don't give this near dairy products, don't give that on an empty stomach, and once-a-day, twice-a-day, and thrice-a-day dosing--and no Pepcid for her, no matter what, because that's a no-no with one med).

Kathy and Q (CRT Qadeer from Fuzzy's Cannon and CRT Bonnie) and
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Missing Silver (5.19.2005-10.27.2016), Tigger (4.5.2007-3.18.2016),
darling Sam (5.10.2000-8.8.2013), Jacey-Kasey (5.19.2003-8.22.2011), and Oreo (1997-3.30.2006)

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Oh no, I'm sorry :( I can sympathize - last Wednesday morning when I woke up, all I could think about was my impending final vet visit for my rattie (large facial tumor) at 3 pm. When I went to walk Eli, I found him swimming in the result of a nasty case of gastroenteritis. So I wound up at the vet twice: once for Eli in the morning (no appointment, drop in "Help my dog!" visit) and then again at 3 where I had to have my rattie put to sleep. When it rains, it pours. Thank goodness for Care Credit!


I hope all of your critters are feeling much better very soon!

Mom of bridge babies Regis and Dusty.

Wrote a book about shelter dogs!

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