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Something Weird On Teddi's Foot?

Guest kkaiser104

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Guest kkaiser104

Tonight I was testing out my new dremel on Teddi's toenails and noticed something strange on his foot.




Untitled by Katelyn Kaiser, on Flickr




Untitled by Katelyn Kaiser, on Flickr


Any thoughts? At first I thought he had stepped in something but this is actually attached. Should I be concerned?


ETA: I emailed our vet (Dr. Kellogg at OSU) and she said she thinks it's something stuck that is just in the hair between the pads. She suggested non-stick cooking spray, so I'll give that a shot. I emailed her at the same time I posted the topic--I didn't expect a response so instantly!

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I agree that it looks like something he stepped on that stuck to his foot. If the non-stick cooking spray doesn't work, you can also try any kind of regular cooking oil or mineral oil.

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