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Brown Spots?

Guest ashphobiax

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Guest ashphobiax

when glider came to us he had a small brown spot on his butt, which no matter what we do we couldn't get rid of it, so we took him to the vet and she said it was a staff infection so we treated it and it never got better so we went back and the spots were not infected or anything so she wanted to see if it was an allergy so we put him on medicine for it and now he has FIVE more spots we have no idea what it is. i am thinking about taking him back to the vet again but wanted too see what everyone thought of it. the other spots are hard to see in the picture because they so new but the one in the pictures is the one he "came" with.






it is now inflamed and sore.




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Sure looks like lick staining. Checking for fleas would the first thing I would do. They can also lick back there from full anal glands too.

A secondary skin infection is also possible due to allergies. Topical treatment including bathing and oral antibiotics may be needed.

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