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Ali Update

Guest Diana

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It's been a while since I posted but heres the latest. Went to 6 different vets, regular vets, orthopedists and neurologists. There are different thoughts that it may be achilles tendon partial tear and/or something pressing on a nerve. Only an MRI will tell. Since she did poorly after anesthesia last time, I am holding off. I am splinting her leg when she goes outside for short potty breaks. She goes for short leash walks to keep her from getting depressed & wears the splint. She is doing fairly well & eating much better. Going to check her weight again tomorrow. Strange thing though...over last few days her coat has changed...she is shedding like crazy and her skin is flakier than usual. I furminated her for 10 minutes tonight and got a HUGE pile of hair and she usually hardly sheds at all.

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