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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Guest tedsmom

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Guest tedsmom

i was just sitting here reading the posts and silently crying to myself over the sadness and loss when alex came up and looked at the monitor and pointed the bridge and rainbow at the top of the screen and asked what it was. i told him it was the special place where our pets go when they die, known as the rainbow bridge...and he said "like when we see a rainbow in the sky that is how pets go to heaven?" and i said yes...and he said "like the rainbow we saw in the car and that is how ted got to heaven to be with grandpa?" and i said yes...then he looked closer at the picture and said "but mom wont the dogs chew on the wood on the bridge?" and laughing and crying at the same time i said "no honey it is a special bridge that they cannot chew..." and he sat there for a minute looking at the bridge and said "mom did you know that dogs are so special that God spelled his name backwards and named them that when he made them?" i just hugged him and said "yes".

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Guest shiningstar

How sweet your Alex is! God always gives what we need. He brightened your day with the sweet words of a child!

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Young kids and even teens don't understand death. Most have not

had to face the reality of it. There is no way to explain the feeling

of the death of a "human" or "pet" to a child or young person. My

mom tried to explain it to me when I was young but it took many

years to understand it, and still today, at times, I still don't understand

it. :( Why is a fourteen year old girl dying in the back of my ambulance after being shot, stabbed, or OD.


Young kids tend to ask questions about death and teens tend to

ignore death. It will never happen to them.


We adults have faced it, hurts to no end being a four legged friend

or two legged friend.


It is hard to go on, but we must. Support groups work well. Don't be

afraid to join one. That is what they are for, because everyone there is

had been where you are/or have been.



Hug to everyone

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