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Spalding Fly Predators (Product)

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I used them for my horses/sheep/goats/rabbits/dogs for several years. The first year I ordered the recommended quantity at the recommended interval...something like 30,000 every 5 weeks. I didn't see much change so the next year I ordered 50,000/5 weeks.

Still too many flies. The next year I increased the number and did every 4 weeks. Last year I did many more critters and every 3 weeks. Their staff helped me make each change. I think I was up to $60 every 3 weeks. I gave up. I was still using about 3 dozen trap and toss fly traps(jeffers.com has best price) during fly season and the traps were always full.

This year I just use more fly traps and change them more often. I think I have fewer flies this year.


They may work for smaller property and just dogs, but you would probably be better just using fly traps. For best results with fly predators, you need to start before fly season. I used them from mid April to October in NJ. I believe the fly predators are safe. You don't see them. I don't know anyone who uses them for just dogs. They are also impacted by surrounding property. Several companies sell them. I used Spaulding. The people are very nice and eager to help. Give them a call and discuss your options. Have you reviewed their website?


I have very few flies around the dog pen (between the house and sheep/goat/horse pens). I have fly traps hanging on trees and the outside of the dog fence. They don't fill up as much as the traps closer to the other critters. I guess the flies like horse poop better. I would suggest that you try the fly traps first, if you can hang them where the dogs can't get them. No poison, but smelly. Mickey got into one last month and smelled bad for days. He chewed a hole in the bottom and it dripped on his head. I had to scrub his head several times!

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