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Corny Little Mable Is Better

Guest Frannie

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Guest Frannie

Thanks to all of the good advice I've gotten here, Mable's "Cornucopia" is a little better. Every night (twice a day on weekends), she gets a full foot massage with Kerasalv, Dermoscent Biobalm, and Lidocaine Gel (she is completely relaxed by the time I am on foot #3). Her pads are pinker and softer and the six ugly corns on her feet are ENORMOUS and LOOSE, as in, looking like they are about to fall off. She is walking better, and Amy at Therapaws is sending us a trial lighter-weight shoe for spring and summer. I am ordering Cushy-paws, Therapaws' indoor slipper. In pink, of course.


My question: is the change in the corns' appearance (bigger, cleaner margins, almost about to detach) a normal result of proper treatment? What do I do if they get looser before the vet comes Friday?




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Sounds like things are good. If they get loose enough, you can just pull them out without any problem. If they get loose enough, they could fall out on their own.

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Glad to hear Mable is finding some relief from the corns. When Zeke's corns get this soft and loose, he sometimes knocks them off himself while walking. I notice when checking his feet that the corn has disappeared and there is that small indentation (it looks like a crater) where the corn was. Other times I've lifted it off with my fingernail.


Whatever way is working, thank goodness for Mable that things are looking better.


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