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Guest Swifthounds

Might help, but it might make things worse, especially if a dog is sensitive to lactose.


If you have a health food store or vitamin aisle nearby you can pick up Slippery Elm bark and give that. It's works reliably for all manner of GI upset.

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The antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria in the intestines along with the bad bacteria. That's what causes the diarrhea. Culturelle, available in the nutritional supplements isle of your local drug store is a very good pro-biotic that will restore the intestinal flora. I open the capsules and sprinkle it on their food. Keep in mind that the runs will probably stick around until the antibiotic is finished. Be sure to keep Clark on the antibiotic for the full duration prescribed by the vet to reduce the chances of developing growth of any antibiotic-resistant infections.


Good luck. I hope he's feeling better soon.

Mom to:

Littermates Ringo (Pak Sgt Pepper)at the bridge, Paul (Pak Penny Lane) and John (Pak Let it Be). The three reunited Beatle Brothers.

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