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Guest zoolaine

Last Monday - the 19th I took Zali in because she was straining to urinate but wasn't getting anything out. She had crystals in her urine, was given antibiotics and I was told to switch her food to the prescription c/d or Iams (I know, I know not the best). Tuesday I faxed in her claim to PetPlan and today 1 week from when she was at the vet, got my check in the mail!!!! I had already sent in her last 2 years medical records so there was no delay for that. I am very impressed with how quickly they processed and paid the claim. I was also looking at the contract again to make sure ACL surgery wasn't excluded for the first year like in some other insurance plans in case Briley has to have surgery, and saw that they will actually even pay for prescription foods for crystals in the urine (for up to 6 months or until the crystals are gone) - I would only have to pay 10%. If she still has them on her re-check Thursday I will get the c/d food (i had switched her to the IAMS just because it is so much cheaper than the c/d - guess it pays to read and know your contract). So far PetPlan is awesome!

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