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  1. Greyt idea... Says nothing except how they evaluate for temperament.
  2. Hey neighbor! Im right near Point Pleasant! How about you. An acre sounds WONDERFUL! We would love to take you up on your offer. I’ll be in touch once she’s better! Oh I noticed them myself. I’m a helicopter mom when it comes to my fur kids, but I def am not a fan of anesthesia, so I’d never do anything unneeded. One side just has a little tartar, but the other is much worse. I would prob just get a “touch up” where they don’t put them under at all. Then upkeep myself with bones and brushing.
  3. It’s disappointed to hear that’s the norm. The dental, although way more expensive, is not a surprise. Worms, on the other, is not. My last grey couldn’t be adopted bc he was being dewormed for 10 mos. The vet said she had a rescue and a fecal test is par for the course before they are adopted. Is that untrue? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.
  4. Adopted a new Grey about 6 weeks ago and was checked out by the vet. Had a fecal done and has hookworm and tapeworm. I got two rounds of meds and Ill need to do a new fecal sample 30 days later. If positive, yet another round of meds. $$$$$. Is this my responsibility if the rescue never did ANY testing except for heartworm? Beyong spaying or neutering, thats all they do, along with rabies shots. Not even a dental anymore, so I will need to get that done too bc the vet said I should get a dental soon too since greyhound teeth are awful. This is my second grey fro this rescue and this experience is nothing like the first years ago.
  5. I just posted this same question. My new girl isn’t as bad, but did howl and cry the whole day (I recorded it) when she was in the crate. One day she ate the bed to pieces, likes yours, and she’s been using her teeth to rip the cage off. I also prob did the wrong thing by letting her sleep with me, go on couch, etc. This is my second greyhound and never had an issue like this with him, so it’s all mew to me. Only things that are working right now are, kong of kibble and frozen PB on top, window seat, no crate, and 4mg of melatonin, which i plan on increasing tomorrow bc it barely affects her. How much melatonin are you giving? You said two tablets.... I’d also try her out of the crate, in a dog safe room, woh her muzzle on.
  6. Every morning and evening. To update, the greyhound rescue said to try 5-6mg of melatonin. As of now I’ve tried 4.2mg and it does nothing lol. She was much better today with staring out the window 90% of the day and playing with her kong. She still whines but not as much ...so that may be the melatonin. What’s your view on melatonin and the dosage of 5mg? She’s about 60lbs and not even 2 yrs old (puppy energy taking over?)
  7. I got a hold of the Greyhound rescue and she said she was fine, but she was obviously not alone. She said to try 4-6mg of melatonin instead of the 2.1g I did that didn’t even touch her anxiety She sleeps with me! I tried the crate in my room but the second night she wouldn’t stop whining so I caved. She’s never alone in a room except when I’m gonna for work. I let her out around 6am, feed and water. I get ready for work and let her out again around 7:30 before I leave and she usually does 1 & 2 again...def 2. I’ll try classical, but usually had a noise machine or Animal Planet on, window shades open to see out, no toys in crate except for Kong. I’ll try the ignoring when I get home form10 min tomorrow Thx!
  8. She was at a greyhound rescue, crated as all their dogs are, for the two weeks she was there. I can get a hold of them and ask for advice as well. Ya know I thought of the whining and reacting thing the same way (it tells her I come when she whines), yet another greyhound site said to do that. Should we nit sleep together at night? I feel like I messed up right off the bat and now trying to fix and totally confusing her. This is awful. I just want to do right by her. Thx for your advice!
  9. Yes definitely! Yes she does follow me a lot. Usually only goes to kitchen alone to counter surf something if she can. I did try doing what you said all this weekend with 10 min or so in the crate while I was upstairs. Whining ensued. I came down and said, “Hey” and gave eye contact till she layed down.
  10. Hey congrats your first greyhound! My first grey, Chance, froze alllll the time when I first got him. He was just unsure but not in a sad way...he seemed more like, “umm no, I want to go THAT way.” I think being boss helps, but who knows. I had to carry him a few times (72 lbs lol) home. He eventually became the best walker, car goer, chill big boy ever. Just took time. I agree with some of the comments of the dog park, but the park I brought him to was dog-park pass only. So all had their shots up to date, and 90% were attentive to their dogs. With that said, Chance good bit by a black lab, and he broke two toes (running in the sand) over 8 years, but all couldve happened anywhere. At the end of the day, I took him everywhere...reservoirs, beaches, lakes, greyhound picnics and fairs, and NOTHING lit him up like a dog park. He learned how to be a dog there. So for that, I’m grateful. You sound amazing and it’ll all work itself out. Best of luck!
  11. Thank you! I know it’s a long time. I did try acclimating her while I was off for a week. Im open to getting someone to walk her midday, but her SA starts within moments when I leave, so not sure how much a midday help would do. Muzzle in open room was my next go to... Not a fan of a muzzle, but they “are” used to them right? She just got off the track on Halloween. Just basing my experience with my last grey and he hated his muzzle, but he was 3.5 yrs and well over a year off the track.
  12. Hey Greytalk, its been a while! This was a tremendously greyt source of info when I got my first greyhound, Chance. Sadly, he passed this June, unexpectedly at age 12. I still cry all the time to this day. He was my first Grey and saw me though my Leukemia in 2010 (some of you may remember!) Anyway, I finally pulled the trigger and rescued another ex-racer, Milly. Milly is quite the Velcro dog which I love but is troublesome too bc of her SA. Chance never had this problem so Ive been researching and trying various methods. I searched the SA thread on here with not much to go on, so I figured a new thread was in order. Here are some stats... She barely 2 yrs old. Raced only 19 races (Road Gypsy if youre curious) Born in Iowa, I believe, and raced in Fl Decently fast learner...had her for almost 3 weeks now. Ive kept a log of her behavior when Im gone (recorded her). I teach so its 8-9 hrs alone. I know its long, but Im single and Chance adapted perfectly. She whines within minutes of my departure (crated) until I introduced the Kong. That occupies her for about 30 min. Tried crated by the window, with white noise, and a Kong treat...nope Tried no crate in my room for about 2.5 hrs...nope. She tried to rip out the window, paced, panted, peed. Today I tried about 2g of Melatonin an hour before I left (shes about 59 lbs) and did nothing. (This is along with Animal planet on and a Kong) Today she actually ripped apart the bed that was inside. My next idea is a thunder shirt which should be here by Thursday. Was gonna try 3g melatonin too before hand. Just to add....Ive done the whole leave for 5min, 15min, crate her while Im home, stare her down till she relaxes, etc. Shes a chewer too... I need more advice! Just not keen on jumping into meds from vet. Any thoughts on CBD oil for pets? Great reviews on Amazon but not 100% sold on that either.
  13. THANK YOU for your response. I did go to the e-vet. It's a reaction to the shot. He got a shot of Benadryl & I guess I'll see how he is in a few hours.
  14. I'm 99% out the door to the ER vet.. I took Chance to get a check up and Lyme shot yesterday. Fast forward, he's been having issues sitting and laying down. I thought the shot caused soreness possible. Well it's 4am now and his inner thigh is all red, he's shaking, and I believe in pain. He can stand on it but laying is difficult. ER visit or try Bennadryl and pain med?
  15. I appreciated the link. I looked it over, and amputation isn't even on anyone's radar. It'll be a bandage nightmare like last time. He did get lucky with only a pressure sore under his dew claw on his front toe injury, but this is the back so no dew (I think the vet counts one tho) so it's P2 I believe. Anyway, I'll ask them about a fee every time and why... I noticed that changing it twice a week is ideal, but I can't afford that bc of the exam fee. The vet I saw was adamant about me not being able to bandage it. The one I'm seeing this week, who saw him the first broken toe, actually showed me last time, so I know she'd do it again. So why can't I change it???? I just don't see it...I've wrapped boo boos before...I have the bandage tape they use and padding. He doesn't have or need a splint to be clear...Am I silly to do this myself possibly?
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