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Space Aggression?/resource Guarding?

Guest Erin

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Guest Erin

I know there are numerous threads on aggression, and I've been reading them, but I'm looking for some helpful suggestions for my situation. It isn't urgent, but I want to make sure I'm doing what I can. I have two female greyhounds (I've post about them earlier -they were fighting while I was gone, with one of them coming away with bite wounds) both are just shy of their 4th birthday (littermates). I've had Honey for 11 months and Clementine for 9 months. Anyway, I live alone and so I'm often stay with friends for weekends away, etc. All of my friends have dogs and I bring my dogs with me. Early on Honey would growl and bark at my friends dogs when they came near her. I wasn't thrilled with this behavior, but it never escalated beyond a bark (and I've read that you shouldn't prevent them from communicating with others). Eventually, Honey stopped doing this and now Clementine is. (This isn't a problem with each other in my home). The problem is that Clementine is being a little more aggressive about it. Last night I was over a friends house and my dogs seemed perfectly happy, playing with the host dog's toys, etc. Then Clem laid down and growled and barked at the host dog (Lilly) whenever she came even remotely near. Clem doesn't know Lilly extremely well, but they've met on multiple occasions with no incident. Anyway, Clem stood up and I sat next to her and pet her so that she would associate this place with good things. Then Lilly came for some pets and Clem snarled, barked, and lunged towards Lilly. Both me and Lilly's owner were able to grab the dogs immediately so no one was hurt. And I don't know what Clem planned to do. In hindsight, I realize that I probably caused the problem? Maybe Clem was resource guarding me? Anyway, what do people think? What can I do to help Clem feel more comfortable with other dogs while in a home?


I should add. When my dogs were fighting earlier, it was Clem that was biting Honey. Although I'm not sure who instigated. I muzzle them while I'm gone now. They get along fine when I'm home, but they aren't the snuggle with each other sort.

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Sounds to me like maybe just a bit more visiting than she wanted to do -- she was lying down and wanted to rest and not be bothered. Might want to take an ex-pen or soft folding crate along when you go visiting, so she has a private place to be when she's done socializing.

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