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Another Slippery Elm Question - Ok To Give Capsules?

Guest Stripeyfan

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Guest Stripeyfan

I posted recently about slippery elm dosages as I want to give it to Kelly to try and help his gut heal (he has suspected IBD, probably caused by worm damage). I got some greyt answers as always, so thankyou. :)


However, when I make up the paste with the powder and water, he won't touch it (although he's totally food-obsessed). It smells pretty strong and he clearly doesn't find it appealing. I mixed it with his food one time and he didn't really want it then, either. And the last thing I want to do is put him off his food as at the moment he can eat chicken and rice, and chicken and rice only.


So I was wondering, is it ok just to give him the capsules whole? I think the correct dose would be about 3 capsules up to 3 times a day, as the dosage is 1/2 capsule of powder per 10 pounds of body weight. He has no problem taking tablets of any kind if they're mixed in with his food – just gobbles everything in his bowl right up without it even touching the sides. They're gel caps with the SE powder inside - nothing else.


And is it ok to give him the SE in with his other tablets (ABs and pred)? I know his meds are hard on the tummy so I'm thinking it might help with this too if he has it with them.



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Guest Samantha

whole or powdered won't make any difference, and i would think you can give at the same time as his other meds, it wont do any harm.


Hope you babies feeling better soon x

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