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Athena Is Limping And Shoulder Swollen

Guest athenasmama

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Guest athenasmama

Athena has started limping, but it is not happening all the time. I was thinking it was just arthritis..until I noticed the swelling today. Yesterday while eating, Athena yellped really loud. She has a very, very high pain tollerance. I know most greys do, but a few yesrs ago she tore a 2x2 inch area of skin off. We took her to the emergency vet and she needed staples and stitches. She did all this without pain meds or yelping. So when she cries or yelps I know she is in pain. Back to my topic, after the yelp, she would not put weight on it unless it was needed. If she was standing, she held it up. That did not last long and she was back to acting normal. I would go and feel of her legs and check her pads, but nothing seems different. Out on our walk today, I noticed her shoulder seems a little swollen. She does not limp much. I have to really pay attention to even notice it. I called our vet but they have left for the day and are not open on Sat or Sun. I know enough and have read enough to know what limping CAN mean, but I don't really want to think about that. Like I said the limping is not bad, but it is there with some mild swelling. Do I wait until Monday or find another vet that is open? She does not seem like she is in pain, but she is less active. Her activity has been decreasing over the last week (before the yelp).


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Guest Energy11

You should be fine until Monday. If Athena seems to be in pain, you CAN give (1) 81 mg low dose HUMAN aspirin, every 12 hours. ME? I'd give it with Pepcid AC, as it CAN upset the stomach.


I give Curfew 1/2 of (1) EVERY morning, but, it is for "stroke prevention" .... Anyway, if you feel she is in pain, it is fine to give ... UNLESS something changes, you SHOULD be OK to wait until Monday.


Sending love, hugs, prayers AND good luck!



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