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Often Overlooked Reason For Lameness

Guest MZH

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An important article on limping and why greyhounds sometimes have hind end weakness or have trouble getting up has just been posted on Greyhound Articles Online. It's about Aortic Thromboembolism and was written by a vet at Tufts back in 2002. I contacted her today and she says it's still relevant today and to go ahead and post it!


Here's a quick quote from the article. "Clinical signs in dogs usually reflect hind limb weakness. In dogs, this is frequently considered arthritis, particularly in older previously active dogs. Owners often note difficulty in rising, jumping, and exercising." You can check for this yourself to a certain extent by checking the femoral arteries.


It's here.


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Yup, Dr Couto mentioned this in his last lecture ;)


I dearly hope it will be the subject of a future newsletter; that info really needs to be publicized. Ya have to wonder how much lameness has been blamed on arthritis of even LS when it might be "ATE."

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