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Proheart In A New Application

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This just blows my mind.


Permission to Cross Post! This is from a veterinarian - very important information about ProHeart (moxidectin) - see also: http://www.dogsadversereactions.com/moxidectin/moxidectinpage.html Jean(Always for George - Always for the Rimadyl Dogs)


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Sad. What they are telling the vets is that to carry the product they have to take a class first. Not sure what the class is about, since I wouldn't touch that product with a 20 foot pole, maybe they tell the vets how to cousel dog owners whose dog dies from the product.


Keep in mind that in one year there were more deaths attributed to Proheart than all the other heartworm preventives combined in TEN years,


Also note that they sold the product to Bayer, so now Advantage Multi contains Proheart, actually has a higher dose than the original that caused all the problems.


With all the safe and effective heartworm products on the market I see no reason to use something that isn't so safe.


Not sure how they are marketing it now, but originally (when it was Ft Dodge) their main marketing point to veterinarians was that Proheart was a heartworm preventive they would never see for sale on the internet or in the pet stores.


Dr Gus

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Guest eaglflyt

Quest (moxidectin) came out several years ago for horses. Some friends had terrible experiences with it, so we opted not to use it in our horses deworming rotation.

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Guest greybookends

The problem with the Proheart was not the vaccine but with vets not administering it to dogs properly and giving it to dogs that should not have been on it in the first place. The class is to teach vets the proper way to administer it and who NOT to give it to.


All of my hounds were on it before and once it was placed back on the market all but 2 went back on it. They have never had a problem with it.


Proheart should not be given to puppies under 6 months and vets cannot START a dog that is over 6 on it. They can continue to take it as they get older they just can't start it over 6. ALL dogs MUST have bloodwork done to make sure there is no existing health condition.


Classes make sure the vaccine is being used properly.


I know several others who have used the vaccine with no problems.

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