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Bandit Has Lyme!

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Vet just called and we are starting Doxy right away tomorrow. Bandit (6y/o) shows no signs of feeling ill but his tick panel number is off the charts. Vet was suprised that he was not sick and said he would most likely get sick. We are now ordering a kidney panel as well. Anyone have experience with this? I've just read a few things because I can't sleep. I see the following; dog can show no symptoms, get sick or die. Sick means any of these from what I can tell; lame, vomiting, lack of appetite, lethargy, frequent urination, kidney trouble or neurological issues. Not too heartwarming. Looking for recommended reading and experiences to share. Thanks.



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Guest LindsaySF

If you caught it before any symptoms, that is a good sign. :) Lyme is weird, like many of the TBD's. The bacteria can hide for ages and then come out and cause problems. Hopefully the kidney results come back ok, though it is my understanding that kidney involvement is not that common. :goodluck


Cody tested positive for Lyme and Anaplasma last April. He never had any symptoms but we do the 4DX test every year so we caught it. I didn't get a titer, but because he was positive we treated with Doxy just in case. He never had any problems.





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We've had three greys treated for Lyme over the years. In all cases the testing caught it early and we've seen no problems after treatment with Doxy. As he doesn't show any symptoms, Bandit should be fine with this treatment. Keep us posted on his kidney results - it is probably just a precaution that your vet is checking this.


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