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Suddenly Won't Walk On The Kitchen Floor

Guest brandi1530

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Guest brandi1530

I've had my Barney for about 3 1/2 years and he's never once had a problem with hardwood or linoleum floors. About a week ago he slipped and fell when his paws were wet after coming in from outside, and then a couple of hours after that the mop fell, made a loud noise and he ran out. He's been afraid of the kitchen before if there's a loud noise in there, but got over it quickly. His nails are trimmed, so I know it's not that his nails are long and making it slippery. Since his fall I can't get him to walk into the kitchen without walking with him leaning against me. He's gradually gotten worse about it since his fall and acts like he is more and more afraid. This is a huge problem because it's where his water is located, it's where he stays when we're gone, and it's how he gets outside. I've had to carry water to the carper for him to drink otherwise he just won't drink. He's started running and hiding when say it's time to go out because he doesn't want to walk across the linoleum to get out. I'm not sure if I should just give him time to get over this, or if I need to work on training him to walk on the floor again. Has anyone dealt with this? Any suggestions on how to get him over this fear?

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Guest mcsheltie

Here is what I would do. First I'd get some rubber backed scatter rugs and place them so he doesn't have to walk on the floor. After he calms down a bit (however long that takes) cook something irresistible to him and see if he'll come in to get some. I wouldn't lure or call him. I would have my back to him and just drop some on the floor. Let him learn to come in on his own.


After he starts walking on the rugs and isn't quite so scared, start feeding him in there.


I would also give him time to chill. Then take him to a friend's and lead him quietly over their non carpeted floors. Don't make a big deal about it. Don't be hesitant. Just expect him to do it in your mind and go. If he is okay in stores, take him there. Leave your scary floor last to be tackled.


When he isn't afraid of the room any longer, slowly remove the scatter rungs one by one.

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

This is what I did with my boy Bart when he took a header at our obedience class (shiny red slippery linoleum):


I went to Bass Pro and got a set of hunting booties for dogs (the neoprene rubber soled type)

Then put the booties on him, picked him up, and put him in the middle of the room

I started walking away, he balked for a bit, then realized that he could walk without slipping

for all the classes though I did have to have him wear his booties

at nearly the end of the last class, I took off the booties and had him walk around

he did ok, but was visibly nervous.

It took a few more times of going out to stores where they had shiny floors to get him totally over his fear


You can also try "pawz" for his feet. Pawz are sold at most petco and petsmart and basically are balloons but a slightly different shape for a dogs paw. They are disposable and very nice for winter (keeps the salt and such off your dogs feet).



Good luck.

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Guest FastDogsOwnMe

This isn't too unusual.


1) Get his nails as short as possible so he can't "walk on his nails" and slide.


2) Get little bathmat type rubber backed rugs and make a path for him. Even if it's only temporary, it will help him regain confidence!


3) If he has a lot of hair on the bottoms of his feet, cut it or shave it out. Gives them more traction. One of mine has really fuzzy foot bottoms!


4) Get some show dog paw wax, used to help show dogs avoid slipping on the slick surfaces outside the matting at indoor shows. http://www.doctordog.com/store/productinfo.aspx?productid=b-665657

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I had to put a runner in my kitchen because Red obviously must have splayed going through the kitchen one day while we were out. He will cross the hardward floors, but will NOT go through the kitchen, which is laminate, so the runner stays there. Decorative, but not my choice for a kitchen. :rolleyes:


Mom to Melly and Dani

Greyhound Bridge Angels - Jessie, Brittne, Buddy,

Red, Chica, Ford and Dodge.

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