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Help! Urinary Issues

Guest jhev1

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Hi everyone,


Hopefully someone here can shed some light on my situation. Every now and then Canaan will have difficulty urinating along with a just about insatiable thirst. He'll start off going like a champ, then it goes down to a little trickle that pulses with his breathing. Once that happens, he'll keep going for literally 3 or more minutes. The urine is almost crystal clear too. He wants to go out at least once an hour during this cycle. It happens once every couple of months or so.


In August when it happened again, my vet took a sterile sample, saw bacteria in their office. Sent it out for a culture which came back with nothing. She gave me a 10 day course of antibiotics just to be sure, and the problem was gone a couple of into the treatment, and yes, we did give all 10 days.


Before everyone says UTI because it went away after the antibiotics, that is this problems normal life cycle. He has problems for a couple of days, then he is back to normal. My vet also took x-rays, came back clean, and ran a tube right up to the bladder to check for blockage. She found nothing abnormal.


I don't know where to go from here. The vet suggested bringing him to Tufts for a full workup, I am waiting for a call back to see if that is still the course of action.


Any thoughts?


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Guest Energy11

Well, Oakly had simliar symptoms for over six weeks. I started treating as a UTI with Amoxicillin, for seven days. His symptoms stopped. Then, within a few days, back again. Dr. B, said to try Cipro for ten days, and it did the trick. I did have the vet here check his prostate and it wasn't enlarged.


He seems "prone" to UTIs every now and then, so that MIGHT be your problem??? Hard to say. How about an ultra sound to rule out Kidney stones???


Hope this all works out! Love and hugs from here.

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They took an xray to check for stones and blockages, which showed nothing. He was on ten days of Baytril, which is enrofloxacin. Prostate was also normal. I just want my boy feeling better.

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Guest mcsheltie

Boomer had similar issues. He did have a URI to start with. They put him on Clavamox for 10 days. It cleared up. Came back, same as you are describing. They put him on Baytril. Cleared up & came back. This time his prostate was enlarged. I was starting to panic. They put him on a big gun antibiotic, which for the life of me I can't remember, for 30 days.


It cleared up after that. I did some research and made a diet change at the same time. Put him on a food that has a lower mineral content and less, but very high quality protein. Added extra fish oil and CoQ10 for the inflammation. Our vet thought my doing that had more effect than anything. His blood work slowly returned to normal the longer he was on the new food. Last tests his blood work is finally all back in the normal range and prostate has returned to normal size.


Did they test for protein and blood in his urine? And did they do a complete blood panel? Both of those can provide clues.

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A holistic vet can help resolve this.

American Holistic Vet Medical Association has a database of holistic vets around the country.


Natural anti-inflammatories - omega 3's/Salmon Oil, bromelain, boswellia, msm, yucca are a few


Good food - raw if you can - or high quality kibbles with grains


Herbs and Supplements that holistic vets will know of


A search on the internet - Urinary Issues Dogs Holistic - will give you other ideas.


Hope this helps, and he finds relief soon.

Thanks for loving him to well to try to get to the bottom of this.


Claudia & Greyhound Gang



Claudia & Greyhound Gang
100% Helps Hounds

GIG Bound!

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