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Nasal Issues

Guest henryb

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I posted a while back regarding respiratory issues that we were starting to have in with our 10 year old boy. At first it seemed to be just reverse sneezing or difficulty catching his breath. It was originally written off as possible "allergies". A couple weeks later, he was boarded at the vet while we were on vacation and she agreed that something wasn't right....he was definitely having trouble breathing, this was in early August. At the time he had also lost some weight(he has since gained some back) She took X-Rays, and only noted a small enlargement with his mediastinum, but it was nothing that could be confirmed as a mass. He was put on antibiotics, thinking that this might be an infection. The antibiotics seemed to definitely reduce the amount of phlegm that he was struggling with, However after the course of antibiotics was over he quickly seemed to return to lots of phlegm(now bloody) and swelling under his jaw. We headed back to the Vet, where he was put on a second course of antibiotics. The antibiotics seem to have again reduced the amount of phlegm, although not as drastically this time. His swelling under his jaw, like a golfball sized pocket of fluid seems to not have improved at all....and possibly having gotten worse.


So we have 3 or so days left on the antibiotics.....and things are not great. I am pretty darn sure that we will be headed back to the vet.


There was mention of possibly a nasal tumor at the last visit? I am curious if anyone has experience with this? From what I understand we would proceed with Head X-rays....to get a possible diagnosis.


Also is there any chance that this could be a fungal infection?


Any suggestions or ideas?



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